Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Ten on Tuesday:

this weeks topic is 10 things you would write in a Christmas letter if you were sending out a Christmas letter,

  1. we moved---a big event for sure, but finally no steps---yet ironically even more leg cramps now then before,
  2. our wonderful granddaughter Maisie came into our lives. She spreads sunshine and light everywhere and Tom and I are totally besotted,We are so grateful to Jeanne and John for this blessing. 
  3. Unfortuneately both of us have experienced a lot more health issues with Tom making 4 trips to the ER,  Thank god Medicaid kicked in this year or we'd be in huge trouble.
  4. Work has been a lot steadier
  5. the Van and the Car are paid off---that is huge
  6. we will be traveling for Christmas--a first for either one of us. 
  7.  Debb moved in with Chad and Columbia, and found a new job. 
  8. Rob's kids are growing like weeds---although I haven't seen them in almost a year. 
  9. Ria  and I still get together and knit as often as we can. 
  10. I was asked to be a part of an international charity involved with knitting baby items. 
so that is what I would have said for public view. 


Sunday, December 14, 2014

some knitting---

i won't say what is for who in case someone stumbles on this post but I will show pictures of some of the gifts that I have been making this season.

most of these are for the diner, the mitts are for me and the toys for some kids that I am not related to but love to death,

Right now its a very lazy sunday---Tom has been (thank God) working 6 days a week and he is napping on the couch, Christmas Vacation is on the TV.  The tree is lit and beef stew is simmering in the kitchen.  His health has been precarious at best, and now to complicate things the "Baker's cyst" that has been on his back for over 40 years has decided to start leaking. My own health leaves nothing to be desired, as I am plagued with leg and torso cramps. I am also having troubles with tremors, and feeling icy cold from the waist down and sweating from the waist up.  We really don't like our new doctor and are hoping that the insurance company can find us a new one.

This time next week we will be getting ready to head to our daughter's in Alabama for the holiday. We will be with the oldest Granddaughter Columbia for Christmas, and I don't know when we will see all the others.  On the 28th it will be one whole year since I have seen Rob's 4 and I am very heart broken over that.

Still learning the ins and outs of my lap-top so bear with me as posts are few and far between.  I have so much to say but sometimes this thing just doesn't cooperate!!!