Thursday, January 29, 2015

What I am Knitting

Had a very nice breakfast with Ria this morning, I don't think I shared that last week we finally got together and shared Christmas gifts with each other.  She gave me some fabulous gifts, my favorite Harney & Son Tea---Holiday, a skein of pretty sock yarn called Summer in greens and yellows.  And a wooden cake yarn holder. You put your yarn on it and work from the outside  to the in, and it spins. I have wanted one for so long.

Right now i am knitting some little Valentine items. I made a heart garland, and I am making Valentine Heart Babies which are on Ravelry---they are adorable.  This is the Rav picture but will post mine soon.

I learned of my first baby this year, its a friends grand nephew and I have plans for a baby blanket, need to check stash for the yarn but I think I have what I want.

What are you knitting?


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

snow what snow????

Our blizzard fizzled.  We had more snow last Saturday. 

Nothing much to share, I am knitting a few Valentine projects and today learned of a new baby boy coming soon, so later I will stash dive for blues to make a blankie. 

I spent the morning paying bills and writing emails. Then I read the blogs I follow and in just a moment it will be time for tea and knitting!! 

Hope your day is more exciting then mine but their is something to be said for quiet!!!


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ten on Tuesday ---footwear

I am not an Imelda Marcos---I wouldn't know a Blahnik from a Choo.  I NEVER wear heels.  But I do suppose I own at least 10 pair of shoes.

  • Uggs---short black ones that are at least 8 years old,

  • Moon Boots----very padded, velcro, short and extremely safe in the snow
  • Dress Boots---the first pair I have bought in over 20 years, worn last week to the Christening

  • Ugg Dakota Slipper/Shoes---I wear these all winter, I had 5 pair I am down to 2, I love these 

  • Reebok Sneakers---hardly ever wear them but have them
  • black lace dress flats---for weddings and such
  • black flats---for funerals and such
  • Tom's knitted shoes---gift from my sister Christine, that I adore.

  • American eagle slippers---a knock off the UGG ones, but very soft and comfy
  • Dr. Sholl slide sandles---I don't like flip flops at all, can't stand the toe wedgy
Not to shabby for a gal who would rather go everywhere and do everything barefoot!!


Monday, January 26, 2015


saw some snow over the weekend and we are getting more now, and this isn't even the blizzard they have predicted for tonight. 

Hope you are having good weather, I have lots of tea, lots of water, and plenty of knitting so it can do as it pleases!  (also have an abundance of sweets ----which has become an important part of Tom's daily life,)


Friday, January 23, 2015

Eye Candy Friday

For the next 4 Friday's I will be posting pictures that combine two of my favorite things,.......Hearts and Trees---Valentine's approaches. 

Knit ON!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

what is doing now!

some times I get my ideas from others blogs and that is definitely the case today. Thanks to Carole at Carole Knits for the inspiration,

Reading . . . I am just starting the current most recent book in the Last Chance series by Hope Ramsey, and then I have a stack of Sheila Roberts to work on
Watching . . . Between reruns of Star Trek Next Generation, 2 1/2 Men, Friends and my soaps the only new thing I am watching is THE CELEBRITY NAME GAME 
Cooking . . . I miss cooking but I just can't stand long enough to put a meal together so I am enjoying what Tom makes for me.  I thought last night's dinner was savory and delicious and he thought it was lacking sweetness.  I am a little concerned about him and his health
Learning . . .To knit with cables, more then one 2/2 LC or 2/2 RC, its fun, not something I do everyday but I am enjoying it
Listening . . CBS 101.1 on the car radio
Drinking . . . Water and Tea, my mainstays in life, I haven't had a martini since Tom gave up drinking--I do miss them a wee bit
Writing . . . Blog posts and answering e mails 
Playing . . . Mahjong Trails
Loving . . . my new apartment, structurally its the same yet it is so different. 
Bragging . . . about my wonderful grandchildren, they amaze me and keep me smiling 
Laughing . . .the latest parody commercial on the radio called Ballgate, and is trying to sell you Ball-i-gra
Knitting . . the table runner in cotton for the coffee table
Planning . . . some down the line knitting projects----I have to just add here, I truly wish that I could pick a pattern and buy the yarn suggested just once, instead of trying to figure out substitutes.  But I can not wrap my head around paying upwards of 200$ for yarn for a scarf.
Anticipating a possible big snow storm over the weekend, hope it winds up like last nights a big fizzle, I don't get out much but I hate being confined because of weather issues like last Sunday's ice storm. 
Wishing...good health and happiness to those who touch my heart every day


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

the first finished projects of 2015

---as I mentioned I had no desire to knit while I was ill so I didn't even pick up the needles again until the 10th or 11th of January.  
This year I plan to knit A lot of items for charity---primarily newborn hats, and comfort shawls---Charity is my One Little Word for 2015 (last year's was Faith--which worked out very well for me)

so here are the results of my first 10 days of knitting (and hooking) 
  This is Maisie's Valentine Hat, I don't usually do a lot of cables but I am trying to challenge myself/  Above is the  "this is what the water gave me master" shawl designed by caitlin ffrench, it needs blocking and below is a crocheted granny shawl with yarn my granddaughter Columbia gave me and some from stash. These are 6 little hats ---my goal is 6 a month for the year and 2 comfort shawls a month.
Right now I am working on a table runner for my coffee table and plan to start a table cover for the dining room table in a circle and in gradient yarn. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

ten on tuesday

Things that I am happy about:

  1. if you read the last few posts you know that my family makes me very happy. 
  2. reading blogs where people are happy and loved, loving and caring.
  3. looking at the new babies on Dr. Bob's page
  4. My daytime dramas!
  5. being able to knit again, and crochet, on the needles now, a runner for my coffee table with yarn from Debb and a  crochet shawl with yarn from Columbia
  6. Having breakfast with my friend Ria, its been weeks since we visited and we had a wonderful time, she gave me some wonderful Christmas gifts.
  7. finding new authors like Hope Ramsey and Sheila Roberts.
  8. Online shopping and good customer service, I ordered boxers for Tom on line and they shipped the wrong ones, he needed them this morning so one package had to get opened, but when I contacted them they told me that I can keep that package, and return the other and they are now including a package free with the correct ones. 
  9. Tea--nothing relaxes me more then a good cup of tea. I have many flavors and I love to experiment with combinations,  I don't drink a lot of tea----one pot of caffeine in the afternoon and one pot of decaf at night but it still is a simple pleasure, add a cookie and I am in heaven.
  10. Our lack of snow----which means I can get out, snow makes me housebound, Sunday's ice was terrible, we are due for some snow tomorrow but it will be later in the day and more of a nuisance then a measurable amount. 
What are you happy about???

And because every post needs a photo;  my beautiful granddaughter Gwen


Monday, January 19, 2015


The highlights of our big weekend were many; 
  • spending time with Debb---it was not a lot of time, we had not seen her since September of 2013, and considering this was our child we saw almost every day when she lived here by us, we really have missed her
  • seeing Jeannie Johnny and Maisie act as their own dynamic little unit, how Maisie's face lights up when she sees her parents. And of course being with them
  • Maisie being the star of the day, Her in her beautiful dresses (like J-Lo and others she had a wardrobe change), she barely napped but kept her sunny disposition and soaking up all the attention she could get. 
  • visiting with Rob's children, I love these kids so much, and I have not seen them in almost 13 months, the three older ones seem to handle it well, still full of love and unbridled affection and my favorite grandson (I only have the one ) can charm anyone any where but melts this grandmother's heart every time.
  • having my sister brother in law and nieces there, it was so nice to have someone rep the Schweer family. 
  • after a week of pure panic over my appearance it went well, my outfit was nice and I did receive several genuine compliments
  • Jeannie and Johns friends are so nice and so sweet to us, they are blessed in having a large network of support around them 
This photo----taken by Tony, says it all for me:

Knit On!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Maisie's Christening

 the dress my sister christine made
at the church

 the godparents

parents and grandparents

 aunt kate

 grandgirl Gwen

 grand girl Margaux

and one special one for tomorrow!!!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday Musings

My swift is broken, I guess it did not survive the move, the slats are cracked.  I have so many skeins of hanked yarn that I am going to have to invest in a new one. For now I will be using balled yarn until I can do so.

One of the blogs I follow has been dormant for 9 days----this is highly unusual and I truly hope everything is okay.

The Check Engine light on my car is lit.  This happened about 6 weeks ago but went out the next time I got gas, I hope that is all it is this time too---I took the car out and didn't notice any performance problems but am still concerned since we have a big trip Saturday for Maisie's baptism.

For Christmas I knit granddaughter Columbia a shrug, she is off to college in the fall and I thought it might be nice to have a little something to keep her shoulders warm while she is studying in her dorm room.  The box arrived yesterday and they had to call to find out how you put it on.  I had made one years ago for author Bertrice Small's daughter-in-law when she had a baby, and Bertrice herself contacted me with the same question
.  It's funny how it is something that knitters know but the receivers wind up bewildered by.  Columbia is a rather small girl so I sort of guessed on her foot size for some slippers I bought her, well turns out they are too small but she swears they will stretch and won't let me return them. Her birthday is later this month so I have to come up with another gift for her too, I did give her an Alex and Ani bracelet so maybe another one of them so that she can start layering them,

I went to bed uncharacteristically early last night, but I think I am still fighting the remnants of the flu--I wound up sleeping about 10 hours although Tom was up often and I wake up every time he does.  He is not a quiet person in the night!.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Better Late then Never

Christmas is happening very late here at the Yaskovic home.  The last couple of days have seen the arrival of boxes filled with gifts from Debb, Chad, and Columbia.
Tom is the proud owner of a new CD system, socks, hats, a pocket tool, kitchen utensils and lots of candy.  I got some yarn, knitting needles, notions, cookies and candy, tea and an Alex and Ani bracelet.  We are very blessed.
Todays treasure is a gift box of Wolfermans breads and english muffins from my sister Christine,  I haven't had this in years although I did send some as gifts this year myself. 

Carole posted today about 3 hobbies, one that makes her money, one that is physical and one that is creative.  I have a bit of an overlap===knitting does occasionally make me money especially right around the holidays, and it is my true creative outlet  and the physical--I love to swim, I don't get nearly enough chances too but if the opportunity presented itself I would swim everyday and did when we had a pool.(well as long as the weather allowed)  We used to go to a local hotel just to swim in the winter but now it is inundated in children so we don't get the chance.
All the boxes are unpacked, things that have been missing for 2 1/2 months have no found new homes, and all the family photos are back.  Even my stuffed pal Clarence has returned. He did not appreciate being boxed all of that time.
Today was also my first trip to the diner alone, I did plan a few more stops but the diner was more then enough, so I will attempt the other chores tomorrow!!!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to cope with winter!

still progressing on my shawl, was given a stocking stuffer gift of a couple  skeins of Lily's Sugar and Cream cotton and I have been trying to think what to do with it, I may look into a table runner for my coffee table, I just don't want to do dishcloths or baby bibs.
I am feeling a bit under the weather today, but have had a lot of stress the last 4 days,  Tom;s boss is being a jerk because he can't work this Saturday.
Saturday is Miss Maisie's big day, Debb is flying in Friday to actually meet her niece for the first time and Saturday is the christening which their will be too many people at.  I get very very nervous around people so my anxiety is full swing. I am basically a very insecure person.  My son and his family will be there which is wonderful since I have not seen any of my grandkids since Christmas last year,

I found out this weekend that my sister made the Christening Dress, I am sure it is absolutely lovely. My children's christening gown was made by my then best friend who is Debb's godmother, but Maisie is too big to fit in it. So now they will have their own tradition  Christine will not be at the event as she and her husband, daughter and son-in law are going to California that day.
The theme of today's meme is 10 ways to deal or cope with Winter.  Personally I think Winter gets a bad rap, I may be menopausal and all but I love the colder temps. I don't like the ice and snow but so far this year that has not been a big problem

  1. Lots of hot tea----I do enjoy about 3 cups a day, now they are huge cups holding about 18 ounces of water.  Right now my favorite is Harney & Son's Holiday Tea
  1. Reading----I have rediscovered my love for reading--and am enjoying new to me authors, I read for escapism, not to educate myself or feel literary  I almost always read some kind of romance maybe romance/mystery.  Some new authors I am enjoying are Hope Ramsey, Sheila Roberts, and Brenda Novak.
  1. Knitting----No matter what the season I love my knitting and occasional crochet projects. 
  1. Soup---love it, and would be happy to have it every day, this past weekend Tom made a vegetable chowder that was to die for. 
  1. My fur throw----oh its fake, and Tom just got it for me for Christmas but its cozy and indulgent.
  1. Browse my favorite shopping spots, whether its for books or yarn, I don't even have to buy I just love to look and dream
  1. Play my online games---Mahjong Trails and Solitaire Blitz 
  1. We are still unpacking boxes from the move so that will keep me busy this winter, I need to find some of my decorative items and my pictures of my family.  Also Tom got a new CD player  for Christmas from Debb and Chad and now we have to find the CDs we had packed away because we didn't have a player.
  1. Eat chocolate---a little piece every now and then, dark is my favorite, the kids sent me sno-caps and some ghiradelli for Christmas-yum
  1. Light Candles===Tom hates this one, but I love the scent of candles burning and sneak them in whenever I can. 
How do you cope with winter?
Knit ON!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy 12th Day of the New Year

I received a comment yesterday from Marilyn (Skipper) which made me realize not everyone who reads my blog also reads me on Facebook.  So for those of you who have wondered why I have not posted in almost a month----I have been sick, really sick.  As in almost met the maker sick with the flu---and I had a flu shot.   I got such a strange variation of the illness that my blood pressure dropped to super dangerous levels. I was too sick to move let alone actually leave the apartment to go to the doctors and he told me via phone to stay out of the hospital or I would just get sicker.  We were supposed to go to Alabama for Christmas ---that never happened.
Tom had an entire week off taking care of a sick old woman, he literally had to help me walk to the bathroom and back which was the only outing I was allowed.  I spent two solid weeks in bed and the last week on the recliner.  Of course Tom went back to work right after Christmas so I did venture as far as the kitchen once in awhile.
There are many worst parts about being so sick over the holidays but one of the top ten for me was I couldn't even knit.  Two entire weeks went by before I even picked up the knitting needles.  On the way down South back I was going to knit newborn hats for the local hospital.  My one little word for 2015 is charitable and I wanted to start by supporting the Stitches from the Heart group with my contribution of hats.  Since  I have been improving I have knitted six and I started my first shawl of 2015----its What the Water Gave Me  designed  by Caitlin French,
I am knitting it in a brown Elann merino and Lang Mille Colore in a brown/grey varigate.   My knitting has definitely slowed down though for the first time ever I don't feel compelled to rush.
Tom too managed to get the bug but in true flu fashion he was over and done with it in 4 days and they were during the time he was home.
We still have not seen any of our children for the holidays, I still have stacks of gaily wrapped presents everywhere. We will see Rob and his crew this Saturday at Maisie Ann's christening, so Jeannie and John will get there gifts too.  We mailed Debb, Chad and Columbia theirs on Saturday.
I will try to be back often, I think of topics all of the time but then actually sitting and posting is a whole different story.