Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

and today is

Today is No Bra Day---that has to be the single most stupid thing I have ever heard. Some young woman can go braless, but I know way to many who should never leave the house without a bra, yet everyday is Braless day to them!!! I think Mom would flip over in her grave if she knows about this one!!

the boy in the next  picture is Peyton---from the The Peyton Heart Project Today is his angelversary and I wanted to honor him, having been a victim of bullying as a child I truly support this program with everything I have No CHILD should EVER be bullied!
And lastly today is my sister Christine and her husband Scott's 31st wedding anniversary, I was in the wedding, Tom photographed it, It was a spectacular autumn day!!! 

Knit On

Monday, October 12, 2015


Thank you Ria for taking the time and effort to acknowledge Carla's win and generosity in regifting her win to Jill Kubin.  She is a sweet and generous women and deserves accolades for her giving heart.

Gave my daughter fistfuls of orange hearts yesterday to scatter around the monastery where she works.  Always working on even more.


Friday, October 9, 2015

and the winner is.....................................

Update on the shawl contest that I was running for ‪#‎PeytonHeartProject‬Today I picked the winner, and because of time differences etc just heard back from her now. We had a wonderful chat on the phone. A very lovely lady, truly charitable at heart, does not want a big fan fare about what she does for charity and wishes to remain semi-anonymous. I can tell you her name is Carla,she did not share where she lives, she crochets small hearts and disperses them everywhere she travels which she does a lot for her job. She even gives packages of them to family and friends to disperse while they travel, so her hearts could show up anywhere at any time. She is also involved in several other organizations that have to do with charities, and feels that" giving is the only way to be truly living"
In spirit with her charitable nature she has asked me to donate the purple shawl (the one that she chose) to Jill Kubin the founder of the PeytonHeart program. How nice is that. So tomorrow Jill I will be sending hats to Emily and will include the shawl with it.  Carla---thank you so much!
Thanks to all who have participated and I may do this again in the future, just remember that one little heart can make a huge difference in someone else's life.


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Knit Happens

well tomorrow is the big day, I will pick the winner of the shawl thanking you for your heart donation,it still isn't too late.  You have until midnight tonight to email me your photo of 20 hearts (  

I have been knitting and crocheting, it does keep me semi sane although I am really glad I have given the lacey beaded shawls a time out, just not in the mood for them

There are now 4 punkin hats, and many many more hearts have been mailed, the scarves are for grandgirl Columbia, and the yellow and black is my NFL scarf!   There is always something on the needles or the hook here at LovinComfort Knits


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

contest reminder

I know I have been quiet.  I can't explain it-----I feel weighted down by the world and I can't figure out why. I think it has to do with the future for Tom and I which isn't rosy at all.  There will be many struggles since we are not prepared.  It could be the hard times some of our family is experiencing, it could be health concerns but what ever it is my game plan each day is to hide in my closet and block out the world.  Since there is no room in the closet I just tend to nap a lot.

The contest for the Peyton Heart Project ends on Friday---remember to send me a picture of 20 hearts to be entered in the contest.   Here are the shawls that you can choose from.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Thursday, October 1, 2015


It came, it went I surrendered too it, some remembered, some forgot, but I was still blessed with lots of love and many many kind wishes.

I had breakfast with my boy---I am so honored that we could sit and talk for two whole hours, I truly love spending time with him and being his mom

I talked to my girls and had a video from Miss Maisie, if I can I will add it at the end here. Debb had sent a beautiful tea pot charm made from a vintage bead she got at a Huntsville, AL craft show, it is so pretty, I have to get photos of it.  They are great daughters and I am so proud of them and love them so much

 Tom went on a quest for a certain gift for me and found out he still couldn't afford it, he was a bit crushed and felt like he failed but I was not expecting it and was very happy with my flowers and my truffles.  He also made a phenomenal dinner of lobster, and salad and baked sweet potato with german chocolate cupcake for dessert.

Ria made a whole POST about me! Thank you so much dear friend

A group of my knitting pretend friends sent me a box of Cheryl's Autumn cookies, another friend sent a gift card to WEBS, I truly have no complaints

Anticipating this birthday was hard, but now it has come and hopefully many more will follow and they will be the icing on a very sweet cake!!!