Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Ten on Tuesday:

this weeks topic is 10 things you would write in a Christmas letter if you were sending out a Christmas letter,

  1. we moved---a big event for sure, but finally no steps---yet ironically even more leg cramps now then before,
  2. our wonderful granddaughter Maisie came into our lives. She spreads sunshine and light everywhere and Tom and I are totally besotted,We are so grateful to Jeanne and John for this blessing. 
  3. Unfortuneately both of us have experienced a lot more health issues with Tom making 4 trips to the ER,  Thank god Medicaid kicked in this year or we'd be in huge trouble.
  4. Work has been a lot steadier
  5. the Van and the Car are paid off---that is huge
  6. we will be traveling for Christmas--a first for either one of us. 
  7.  Debb moved in with Chad and Columbia, and found a new job. 
  8. Rob's kids are growing like weeds---although I haven't seen them in almost a year. 
  9. Ria  and I still get together and knit as often as we can. 
  10. I was asked to be a part of an international charity involved with knitting baby items. 
so that is what I would have said for public view. 


Sunday, December 14, 2014

some knitting---

i won't say what is for who in case someone stumbles on this post but I will show pictures of some of the gifts that I have been making this season.

most of these are for the diner, the mitts are for me and the toys for some kids that I am not related to but love to death,

Right now its a very lazy sunday---Tom has been (thank God) working 6 days a week and he is napping on the couch, Christmas Vacation is on the TV.  The tree is lit and beef stew is simmering in the kitchen.  His health has been precarious at best, and now to complicate things the "Baker's cyst" that has been on his back for over 40 years has decided to start leaking. My own health leaves nothing to be desired, as I am plagued with leg and torso cramps. I am also having troubles with tremors, and feeling icy cold from the waist down and sweating from the waist up.  We really don't like our new doctor and are hoping that the insurance company can find us a new one.

This time next week we will be getting ready to head to our daughter's in Alabama for the holiday. We will be with the oldest Granddaughter Columbia for Christmas, and I don't know when we will see all the others.  On the 28th it will be one whole year since I have seen Rob's 4 and I am very heart broken over that.

Still learning the ins and outs of my lap-top so bear with me as posts are few and far between.  I have so much to say but sometimes this thing just doesn't cooperate!!!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We Moved

and I have a new laptop that is confusing the hell out of me, finally tonight with Gina's help I was able to access blogger, and I wrote all the info in my password book so that I won't forget.  The older I get the more I rely on my password book.

I love the new place--I am sure it sounds silly  It is just down the stairs out the door and one apartment to the right but it has no stairs, the living room is bigger, the dining room has a wall where the steps were open too in the upstairs, the kitchen has a new floor and countertop, and the closets are slightly bigger (Of course we also got rid of a lot of things, so that could be why there is more room)

I wish I could say Tom has been feeling better but he is still struggling with uncontrolled blood pressure which is causing his other troubles, I worry about him all of the time, he is so negative and its scarey                             half my post has just gone missing, I am not please   I will try to get pictures of the changes soon


Thursday, October 16, 2014

More Moving news

Update on our housing situation----when I was going to call the head office earlier yesterday  I could not find a number, so I called the rental office and asked for the number, I did not identify myself, they wanted to know why I needed it, and I said I had some Fair Housing Questions, HUD stuff to ask them about. They gave me the number and when I called I found out they only take calls between 11 and 1 and it was already 2----at 4 this afternoon the phone rang, I didn't know the number----It was the rental office and we were approved for the apartment. Again thank you Nichole Burke without your advice I would be waiting until Next week to know
Now I have to find a way to entice friends and family to help us move on November 1 and 2nd, between Tom's hospital visit and my immobility we truly can't do it our selves even if it just NEXT DOOR. that's right the apartment is downstairs and to our right that we are moving into---no trucks needed for this one!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Writhing Seething Anger

Don't they get that I am disabled???? I don't want to change apartments because I want a change in scenery----I can't do the stairs anymore, the pain is just excruciating but they still have us jumping through hoops. We have been here 12 years, made 144 on time cash payments for rent, even when it was a struggle and yet we have to re-apply from scratch, I just took all the info to the rental office and the girl says well we will let you know Monday or Tuesday---they are closed for the next 4 days for the Jewish holiday, I am literally going out of my mine, I asked for some assurance that this will go through and was told they can't gaurantee that. Our lease for this apartment is up Oct 31,st. We haven't resigned because they won't let us until we are approved or disapproved for the move. This place accepts Section 8 housing, it hasn't gotten that bad for us yet but how could we have messed up so badly that they will turn us down. If they do say no, I am going to have to live in my car.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

This week's theme is 10 things you did over the weekend.  Did I even do ten things this past weekend? 

Tom worked on Saturday which is seldom an issue for me but it did mean a little more running around for me.

I went to the post office to mail a package of hats to Maisie!
Then I went to breakfast.
I read more of the book Last Chance: Knit and Stitch by Hope Ramsey 
Then I came home and knitted on my Spellbound Boo-Knits shawl, purple with red beads. 
I watched a lot of Star Trek: The Next Generation (love me some Picard and Earl Grey--hot)

Sunday morning when Tom went to do the laundry at 6 AM I got up and cleaned the apartment, then went back to bed until 8:30   Took him until 3 PM to realize what I had done
The girl who bought our dining room furniture came by and picked up the rest of it
I tried to convince Tom that we needed to get ready for the move to no avail
I sent an email wishing my sister and her husband a happy 30th anniversary.
I finished knitting the Duane Park Triangle by Kristen Kapur. 

Nothing exciting, very dull in fact.  We now are down to two weekends before the move and I don't know how we are going to it.  Finding new life insurance has been one of the biggest hassles ever.  I swear if I knew then what I know now I would never get anything but whole life.  Luckily I have a very good agent who came through for me at the 11th hour, but I think she knew if she didn't we would have gone uninsured.   KNIT ON!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

a few more gifts

one I forgot to get a picture of is a lovely skein of Handmaiden SeaSilk in a gorgeous pink---I have two pink maroon and beige skeins of variegated sea silk that they will all go together with,  Thank you Lisa Philpott. so much

 The yarn above---I got from Annemarie Knight, a long time blogger and face book friend, she sent a full bag of the teal and the paintbox of which I have shown 2---it variegates from purple to pink
 My friend Ria gave me 3 skeins of Louisa Hardings Amitola, a mug with a knitting design and 2 varieties of Harney and son's tea, she also gave me the two skeins of Tweed Stripes!!

This week---the shawls stayed on hiatus and I made myself a pair of cabled mitts to go with my Wendy knits--scarf/shawl   They are called Vancouver Fog---and cables not being my thing==I think they came out very well!! 
KNIT ON!!!! 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Still celebrating!

                                          Yarn Tea and little picture frames from my wonderful friend Jennifer
                                          Mystery yarn---came in a pretty bag with no name
                                         Yarn tea and a pattern for a shawl from my dear friend Cherri
                                         Tissues, a Halloween bowl, and and Alex and Ani Sept bracelet from

                                          Sister Christine
                                          Tea for one, pot and mug from Debb, Chad and Columbia
                                                    Very fragrant Lilies from Master Blocker.

I am truly grateful for the gifts I have received, it will be fun planning projects and trying teas---Thank you all so very very much!!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy Birthday GIGI

"They say its your birthday---well its my birthday too!!"

Tom was in the hospital again this weekend, we had to leave my sisters in CT and come home and on the ride back (2 hours) determined it was best to go right to the hospital. We got there at 11_30 and got home around 3 AM,  his blood pressure was so high they were concerned about a stroke.  It was 225/119 and even today its still high.  The massive rise causes his prostate to swell cutting off his ability to urinate.  So he is cathed up and he went to the regular doctor yesterday under much protest---who changed up his dosages, he is allergic to the amino acid TYRAMINE---when he consumes food that contains tyramine his BP goes up, when it goes up too high this is the result. 
We have to carefully eliminate foods and beverages that contain this, it is mostly in aged foods---like cheeses, canned or dried meats, sauces and reductions and even some fruits and vegetables.  Being the cook in the family is very upset. 

So even though we did get to have dinner with Chris and Scott, the planned family party at Rob's didn't happen, but hopefully will be rescheduled soon. 

Now for the earthshattering news---I was so overwhelmed For 3 days I just couldn't knit, I tried but I couldn't concentrate even on garter stitch---hope it improves today

So  happy birthday to me---if this is what 60 is going to be like, its still better then the alternative!!!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Finished Object Friday

Lots of finished objects---socks for the grandchildren, a scarf for Gwen, and a shawl that isn't blocked called Lola---from Taproot magazine.  After this weekend its back to my boo knits and contemplating a cardigan for myself---one that Ria and I both like so we can knit it together like we did the feather shawls!