Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy Birthday GIGI

"They say its your birthday---well its my birthday too!!"

Tom was in the hospital again this weekend, we had to leave my sisters in CT and come home and on the ride back (2 hours) determined it was best to go right to the hospital. We got there at 11_30 and got home around 3 AM,  his blood pressure was so high they were concerned about a stroke.  It was 225/119 and even today its still high.  The massive rise causes his prostate to swell cutting off his ability to urinate.  So he is cathed up and he went to the regular doctor yesterday under much protest---who changed up his dosages, he is allergic to the amino acid TYRAMINE---when he consumes food that contains tyramine his BP goes up, when it goes up too high this is the result. 
We have to carefully eliminate foods and beverages that contain this, it is mostly in aged foods---like cheeses, canned or dried meats, sauces and reductions and even some fruits and vegetables.  Being the cook in the family is very upset. 

So even though we did get to have dinner with Chris and Scott, the planned family party at Rob's didn't happen, but hopefully will be rescheduled soon. 

Now for the earthshattering news---I was so overwhelmed For 3 days I just couldn't knit, I tried but I couldn't concentrate even on garter stitch---hope it improves today

So  happy birthday to me---if this is what 60 is going to be like, its still better then the alternative!!!


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  1. Happy Birthday, Grace!

    May Tom feel better soon.