Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Some finished objects

Okay so I did knit a hat on National Knit a Hat day---a darling little apple hat that will either be too big or too small, I never get hats just right---hoping for too big so it can be grown into, now I am using a tea mug to model my photos so of course they don't look right, I am also including the lola shawl which of course is unblocked, why would the Master Blocker want to do his job when the sofa and TV (rosita and stevie) are calling him to keep him company!

The knitted chicks are for a friends little girl, but need faces! When I was listing my startitis the other day I forgot to mention the two scarves I also have on the needles. And dear daughter Debb send me a link yesterday to a hood she wants me to knit her. The list is always growing, so enough blogging and on to knitting! 


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