Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Meme---Cars

the 10 on Tuesday posts for today are about cars we have owned, I know I have had more then that so I am listing them in the order that I owned them

1965 Ford Mustang Ragtop---bought in 1974 in a terrible state of disrepair but got me around for a couple of years

1975 Ford Maverick--blue like the mustang---it was mine for about a year and then Tom wanted a pick up truck and I got his 72 Ford Maverick

1956 Ford ---big ugly--I hated it with a passion but it was Tom's special interest car---I really hated it.

19??? Ford Torino--another bucket of bolts, but sometimes it got the kids where we needed to go.

1978 Ford Van---the small one, with an old bus seat attached to a piece of plywood that fit in the back for the kids car seats

1980 Mercury lynx, my first new car since the First Maverick ---burned up due to carburetor problems

1987 Pontiac 6000---my one luxury car---I love this car and everything about it! but then we needed a mini van

1990 Pontiac Van--the one with the ugly front to it, but it ran well and we took a lot of fun trips in it

Then a reversal of fortunes occurred and i was back to used cars, An old Pontiac Forenza, a Chevy and a Pontiac that was old ugly and huge.  Debb wound up with the Forenza, Rob with the Pontiac and in 1996 I got a Ford Escort--2 year lease, and after that Plymouth Mini Van, also a 2 year lease. Next was a Suzuki XL7, and a Suzuki Grand Vitara each acquired as the leases were up.

5 Years ago we Purchased the Suzuki SX4 in red yet again (at least 5 of the cars were red and one of Tom's 9 vans) and this past week I made the  very last payment on it.  Tom wants to trade it for a Toyota Tacoma or FJ Cruiser, I want a couple of months with no car payments at all (His van was paid off last year) .


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