Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy Birthday GIGI

"They say its your birthday---well its my birthday too!!"

Tom was in the hospital again this weekend, we had to leave my sisters in CT and come home and on the ride back (2 hours) determined it was best to go right to the hospital. We got there at 11_30 and got home around 3 AM,  his blood pressure was so high they were concerned about a stroke.  It was 225/119 and even today its still high.  The massive rise causes his prostate to swell cutting off his ability to urinate.  So he is cathed up and he went to the regular doctor yesterday under much protest---who changed up his dosages, he is allergic to the amino acid TYRAMINE---when he consumes food that contains tyramine his BP goes up, when it goes up too high this is the result. 
We have to carefully eliminate foods and beverages that contain this, it is mostly in aged foods---like cheeses, canned or dried meats, sauces and reductions and even some fruits and vegetables.  Being the cook in the family is very upset. 

So even though we did get to have dinner with Chris and Scott, the planned family party at Rob's didn't happen, but hopefully will be rescheduled soon. 

Now for the earthshattering news---I was so overwhelmed For 3 days I just couldn't knit, I tried but I couldn't concentrate even on garter stitch---hope it improves today

So  happy birthday to me---if this is what 60 is going to be like, its still better then the alternative!!!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Finished Object Friday

Lots of finished objects---socks for the grandchildren, a scarf for Gwen, and a shawl that isn't blocked called Lola---from Taproot magazine.  After this weekend its back to my boo knits and contemplating a cardigan for myself---one that Ria and I both like so we can knit it together like we did the feather shawls!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Right Now

Savoring . . . The quietness of children being in school--otherwise our courtyard is quite noisy 
Watching . . . Under the Dome and a recorded copy of Love. Actually
Also Watching . . . The Young and The Restless, and the Bold and the Beautiful 
Reading . . . Love Letters by Debbie Macomber
Knitting . . . Duane Park Triangle, Boo's Morticia, and Boo's spellbound 

Sewing . . .tags into shawls I will give as gifts 
Wearing . . . my Ugg moccasins I love these shoes and think I may need a new pair 
Choosing . . . color schemes for the new apartment if we ever get one .
Enjoying . . . the last days of my 50's.
Processing . . .a ton of paperwork for new life insurance for both of us, car inspection and stuff for the pending move. 
What’s going on with you right now?

KNIT ON (and someone comment please?)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Meme---Cars

the 10 on Tuesday posts for today are about cars we have owned, I know I have had more then that so I am listing them in the order that I owned them

1965 Ford Mustang Ragtop---bought in 1974 in a terrible state of disrepair but got me around for a couple of years

1975 Ford Maverick--blue like the mustang---it was mine for about a year and then Tom wanted a pick up truck and I got his 72 Ford Maverick

1956 Ford ---big ugly--I hated it with a passion but it was Tom's special interest car---I really hated it.

19??? Ford Torino--another bucket of bolts, but sometimes it got the kids where we needed to go.

1978 Ford Van---the small one, with an old bus seat attached to a piece of plywood that fit in the back for the kids car seats

1980 Mercury lynx, my first new car since the First Maverick ---burned up due to carburetor problems

1987 Pontiac 6000---my one luxury car---I love this car and everything about it! but then we needed a mini van

1990 Pontiac Van--the one with the ugly front to it, but it ran well and we took a lot of fun trips in it

Then a reversal of fortunes occurred and i was back to used cars, An old Pontiac Forenza, a Chevy and a Pontiac that was old ugly and huge.  Debb wound up with the Forenza, Rob with the Pontiac and in 1996 I got a Ford Escort--2 year lease, and after that Plymouth Mini Van, also a 2 year lease. Next was a Suzuki XL7, and a Suzuki Grand Vitara each acquired as the leases were up.

5 Years ago we Purchased the Suzuki SX4 in red yet again (at least 5 of the cars were red and one of Tom's 9 vans) and this past week I made the  very last payment on it.  Tom wants to trade it for a Toyota Tacoma or FJ Cruiser, I want a couple of months with no car payments at all (His van was paid off last year) .


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Some finished objects

Okay so I did knit a hat on National Knit a Hat day---a darling little apple hat that will either be too big or too small, I never get hats just right---hoping for too big so it can be grown into, now I am using a tea mug to model my photos so of course they don't look right, I am also including the lola shawl which of course is unblocked, why would the Master Blocker want to do his job when the sofa and TV (rosita and stevie) are calling him to keep him company!

The knitted chicks are for a friends little girl, but need faces! When I was listing my startitis the other day I forgot to mention the two scarves I also have on the needles. And dear daughter Debb send me a link yesterday to a hood she wants me to knit her. The list is always growing, so enough blogging and on to knitting! 


Monday, September 15, 2014


I have two diseases at the moment---one is the viral kind---stuffed head, upper respiratory feeling funky kind of thing---nothing serious and the other is of the knitting variety---startitis.

I can't stop starting new projects.  I have two Boo Knits shawls on the needles---waiting for better beads then what I was using for one and the other is just waiting for some loving. I made 3 little birds yesterday for a friends baby girl and then started monsters for her son. Oh yes and socks for my granddaughter.  I have done 3 pair of socks, and 2 hats for when I see the kids on the 28th(we will be getting together then to celebrate my 60th birthday which is the 30th)  but have to finish at least one more pair, and I would love to send Columbia a pair too. 

Everything I see I want to start now, I saw and amazing shawl on Lion Brand, then today one called strandwander, and if you saw my Ravelry queue you would see all the plans I have for more.  I want to do the Outlander mystery shawl in cranberry and green tweed because they are Crawford family colors (my maternal grandmother was Scottish--so was my paternal grandmother now that I think about it).

Friends of mine ---Michelle and Craig's baby Anthony with a blanket that I knit for him! 

KNIT ON!!!!   Edited to ADD I just found out today is National Knit a Hat Day---I think I may have to go start one, maybe an Apple hat for Maisie!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One More Time I bring you Miss Maisie

the pictures are reversed but she was ready for her First Giants football game but didn't make it to Kick Off!!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fragile Hearts

In August Boo Knits had a knit along---Fragile Hearts, we had to use the Fragile Heart pattern and red yarn and everyone is to wear their shawls on Nov. 25th which is of significance to heart disease awareness in Great Britain.  I had a lovely Jaggerspun merino lace on a cone marinating for years in the stash and some pretty rainbow beads, I used the yarn held double   I borrowed the body from Ocean Breezes (another Boo Knits) and then did 3 repeats of the lace and then the lace border.  It is a large lovely shawl that I will enjoy wearing with my black wool coat all winter long. 

I hope to get some glamour shots of it too!