Monday, September 15, 2014


I have two diseases at the moment---one is the viral kind---stuffed head, upper respiratory feeling funky kind of thing---nothing serious and the other is of the knitting variety---startitis.

I can't stop starting new projects.  I have two Boo Knits shawls on the needles---waiting for better beads then what I was using for one and the other is just waiting for some loving. I made 3 little birds yesterday for a friends baby girl and then started monsters for her son. Oh yes and socks for my granddaughter.  I have done 3 pair of socks, and 2 hats for when I see the kids on the 28th(we will be getting together then to celebrate my 60th birthday which is the 30th)  but have to finish at least one more pair, and I would love to send Columbia a pair too. 

Everything I see I want to start now, I saw and amazing shawl on Lion Brand, then today one called strandwander, and if you saw my Ravelry queue you would see all the plans I have for more.  I want to do the Outlander mystery shawl in cranberry and green tweed because they are Crawford family colors (my maternal grandmother was Scottish--so was my paternal grandmother now that I think about it).

Friends of mine ---Michelle and Craig's baby Anthony with a blanket that I knit for him! 

KNIT ON!!!!   Edited to ADD I just found out today is National Knit a Hat Day---I think I may have to go start one, maybe an Apple hat for Maisie!

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