Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

 Ten things we did over the holiday weekend, 

  1. Tom worked Saturday----so that day was not overly exciting,  He was home fairly early but it was still a low key kind of day, knitting for me, dozing for him and a fantastic chicken in turmeric cream sauce dinner.  One of our favorites
  2. We had this little cutie over with her parents for a small barbecue,  She adores her grandpa and was attached to him like glue the whole 5 hours they were here.  One time he left to start the grill and she pounded the door and cried because he was gone.  She knows I am Gigi though and she will say my name and look at me, or point me out in pictures and say Gigi. This little over achiever has learned to walk in her hip brace.  she is just awesome.
  3. I finished another shawl that I designed, it has cables and lace and is done in Kuryeon by Noro wool  It is huge, will make a wonderful autumn shawl. 
  4. We had Rita's Italian Ice although to be honest we all had the soft gelati instead. The baby went around to everyone like a little bird with her mouth open waiting for her share. 
  5. Tom indulged in some old war movies, Not my thing but I can loose myself in my knitting.
  6. I started packing for our trip--only two more sleeps and we head off to Alabama and Miss Columbia's high school graduation.  I wish my knees felt better for the trip but I am excited about going. 
  7. We barbecued again last night, just the two of us, with left overs-----it was just as good the second time around.
  8. I planned what knitting to bring, mostly unfinished objects that don't require beads and dreamt about what I will start when I get home.
  9. i spoke with my waitress friend's SO and gave him a pin of a Healing Angel to give to her, still no visitors other then family in ICU. But they have guarded hope that she will make some improvement.
  10. I trimmed my bangs, another disaster because I can not cut straight (and I used to quilt) but at least they aren't in my eyes and won't be for some time if the shortness is any indication 



Friday, May 22, 2015

No Pincushions Yet

well I didn't get to share my love for Pin cushions just yet but maybe soon.   Blogging may be very scattered until after June 3rd.  We have the holiday weekend upon us which includes some time with Maisie and then we leave for Alabama to spend some time with Columbia. We return to reality on the second of June.   Please have positive thoughts that no tornadoes interrupt our travels.  Thanks so much.

Last weekend we went for a ride to the Mount Mitchell National Park in the Atlantic Highlands.  It was a place Tom and I visited 42 years ago before we got married, then it was just an overlook----looking at the bay, the ocean and NYC.  Now it a very nice park, with monuments, memorials to the 1980's hostages and the locals lost in 911.  It has overgrown (in a good way) so much that I scarcely recognized it when we pulled up.  I wish the day had been less hazy so the photos would be better but it was very nice of Tom to think of it, and a nice diversion for the day -we then drove into Sandy Hook, Little Silver and my favorite town of all Rumson.

enjoy the festivities associated with the holiday


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Post Delay but finally done!

I had a wonderful lunch and visit with Ria today, but came home with a bit of a tummy upset, it seems to be under control now, so I finally had a minute to go online.  I wanted to share another finished knitted project that I adore.  IT too has not been blocked. This is the pattern 
Cecelia by Berocco 

I used size 10 1/2 needles
5 skeins of Berocco Inca Tweed in Inti and 
these are the results 

I already have plans for a second one. 


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Knitting that has me Pre-Occupied

Boo Knits latest MKAL
Be With You

Size 5 needle

about 700 6/0 beads in root beer

Posh Valerie---Mad but Magic
Posh Tabitha--I Call This My Ballerina Gone To Seed Look

Started May 4th finished May 19th

Needs to be blocked!


Tuesday, May 19, 2015


just a brief hiatus--no worries  I shall return (of course I typed shawl return_ )


Friday, May 15, 2015

Eye Candy Friday

A few Pictures to brighten your knitting mojo----next week I plan to share my obsession with pin cushions, the shawl I am beading and hopefully good progress updated on J who is still critical and still in ICU. 


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Gone Brunching Back Tomorrow

Out with Ria, haven't seen her in two months----going to Potbelly!!! Back tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


no reports of any progress for J, she is still critical and still in a coma.  I worry about her all day and all night. 

Today's Meme is 10 things you are procrastinating---I am a Libra, it is my nature to procrastinate, I always did.  In school I would wait to the last minute and I was a straight A student, any deadline I ever have I have always waited to the last minute but it does get done.  So right now my list is going to be about knitting projects I have procrastinated on (there will not be 10 ---I don't think)

  1. Morticia, a lovely beaded lace weight shawl by Boo, that I started last August, got to the first lace section in record time and then just stopped knitting it.  I do want to give this to my sister in law so I have to get to it soon.
  2. Table runner---I started immediately after my Christmas illness with cotton yarn Debb gave me for a gift.  It was great car knitting, but I haven't picked it up since January.
  3. Miranda---another car knitting project I started  in March, I worked on it once to Poughkeepsie, and then once when I met Ria for lunch and it has languished since then.  It has not seen the light of day since March
  4. Noro Circle Shawl---I also started this in march before I wound up in the hospital, I think even before I started Miranda. It too is a wonderful lace weight shawl and I am using the fantastic wooden spool yarn holder that Ria gave me Christmas but I haven't touched it in 7 weeks. I am easily led astray. 
  5. Presents---I have a gift idea I want to make for my sister Christine and for Ria ----I have all of the things needed and yet I have not started. 
I am happily alternating between three projects right now, a Boo mystery shawl, I have completed 2 clues, clue 3 came out yesterday but i have not started it yet, I am also knitting another KAL Berocco's Cecelia Blanket in a bulky Berocco Inca Tweed, I love it, started it Saturday and have not put it down since. (But I will today)  and a shawl of my own design, it is my cable project for April, while it wasn't finished in April it will count, and for May Ria sent me  a lovely cable fingerless mitt  pattern featuring hearts, and I bought a pretty berry colored Berocco Vintage Dk for it.  She also sent a link today to a great cardigan which we may do as a Mini KAL  that would maybe take us through a couple of months. 

Tom finally blocked Boo's Changeling  so I will share a couple of pictures here and tomorrow's post will be about something other then knitting---MAYBE!!!


Monday, May 11, 2015

Prayers Please

for those of you not on facebook, my dear friend J--a waitress at the diner I go to every morning, had a massive stroke on Friday, She is in a coma in critical condition, and has several more surgeries in the near future.  She has no range of motion on her left side.  I am so worried about her and my heart aches for her.  The family has requested no visitors at this time so I can only pray for God's will in making all of this as painless as possible for her and her family. 

Mother's Day was quiet, just Tom and I, he cooked and awesome dinner, we divided our time between the outdoors and watching Rickie Fowler win the players. I did speak with each of the children and Maisie who now knows who GIGI is and can even say GIGI although she hasn't quite connected it that I can be called GIGI.  Tom and I wish we could have a live video feed of her every day because she is just that cute. 

I had a very floral Mother's Day and below are some pictures of my gifts, from Debb, Tom, A Friend, and Jeanne---hope your weekend was pleasant. 


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

this weeks creativity

just some of this week's knitting---from top to bottom  Melvin's Cousin, the yellow and variegated was a little quick whip up for Maisie, the Noro in the middle is a shawl I am playing with ---it has a cable center spine, and the two gorgeous Posh yarns on the bottom are Boo's latest MKAL

I also have Cecilia, Madison, Noro circular, and Morticia going.  why am I blogging I have to knit!!!


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

monday and tuesday

wow did yesterday get away from me, huge----Tom woke me up with a phone call, he couldn't do his job as the lady of the house was not ready, so he came home, we had breakfast, hung outside for a while, came in watched my stories and then he went to wal-mart and food town, came home not feeling up to par and wound up spending 5 hours at ST. Clares ER.  he did not let me go with him and it was  such a zoo that it sounded like a good thing I didn't, he wound up in a consultation room with a gurney 2 chairs and a desk, no tv no call button nothing, so now he dances with Mr. Foley for 3 or 4 days.  This is the darn medicaid doctors fault.  he was supposed to renew his meds last week and did not, Tom wound up without them for 4 days and now this.  We are quite upset about it. 

Sunday we went to Poughkeepsie, we had a wonderful afternoon, great weather and no traffic.  I will let the photo's speak for them self   

Today's meme is 10 favorite Mexican foods----not sure I have 10 but will try

  1. shrimp tacos
  2. fish tacos
  3. beef tacos but I never get these (tom doesn't like them) 
  4. beef taco salad (same as #3)
  5. seafood enchiladas
  6. sweet corn casserole
  7. guacamole (once before I became a convert I sent nachos back because they were covered in this---boy I have changed)
  8. Mild salsa---I am a wimp, I don't care for hot and spicy 
  9. Chicken Fajitas which we will probably have tonight
  10. Cerveza and Tequila, not together but I guess I did come up with 10!!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Eye Candy (Maisie) Friday

I lied yesterday---we did not go out to eat, Tom wanted to make his Shrimp Tacos  which as always were super yummy!