Friday, May 22, 2015

No Pincushions Yet

well I didn't get to share my love for Pin cushions just yet but maybe soon.   Blogging may be very scattered until after June 3rd.  We have the holiday weekend upon us which includes some time with Maisie and then we leave for Alabama to spend some time with Columbia. We return to reality on the second of June.   Please have positive thoughts that no tornadoes interrupt our travels.  Thanks so much.

Last weekend we went for a ride to the Mount Mitchell National Park in the Atlantic Highlands.  It was a place Tom and I visited 42 years ago before we got married, then it was just an overlook----looking at the bay, the ocean and NYC.  Now it a very nice park, with monuments, memorials to the 1980's hostages and the locals lost in 911.  It has overgrown (in a good way) so much that I scarcely recognized it when we pulled up.  I wish the day had been less hazy so the photos would be better but it was very nice of Tom to think of it, and a nice diversion for the day -we then drove into Sandy Hook, Little Silver and my favorite town of all Rumson.

enjoy the festivities associated with the holiday


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