Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

 Ten things we did over the holiday weekend, 

  1. Tom worked Saturday----so that day was not overly exciting,  He was home fairly early but it was still a low key kind of day, knitting for me, dozing for him and a fantastic chicken in turmeric cream sauce dinner.  One of our favorites
  2. We had this little cutie over with her parents for a small barbecue,  She adores her grandpa and was attached to him like glue the whole 5 hours they were here.  One time he left to start the grill and she pounded the door and cried because he was gone.  She knows I am Gigi though and she will say my name and look at me, or point me out in pictures and say Gigi. This little over achiever has learned to walk in her hip brace.  she is just awesome.
  3. I finished another shawl that I designed, it has cables and lace and is done in Kuryeon by Noro wool  It is huge, will make a wonderful autumn shawl. 
  4. We had Rita's Italian Ice although to be honest we all had the soft gelati instead. The baby went around to everyone like a little bird with her mouth open waiting for her share. 
  5. Tom indulged in some old war movies, Not my thing but I can loose myself in my knitting.
  6. I started packing for our trip--only two more sleeps and we head off to Alabama and Miss Columbia's high school graduation.  I wish my knees felt better for the trip but I am excited about going. 
  7. We barbecued again last night, just the two of us, with left overs-----it was just as good the second time around.
  8. I planned what knitting to bring, mostly unfinished objects that don't require beads and dreamt about what I will start when I get home.
  9. i spoke with my waitress friend's SO and gave him a pin of a Healing Angel to give to her, still no visitors other then family in ICU. But they have guarded hope that she will make some improvement.
  10. I trimmed my bangs, another disaster because I can not cut straight (and I used to quilt) but at least they aren't in my eyes and won't be for some time if the shortness is any indication 




  1. Maisie is such a ham for the camera!! Is that a picture of Columbia?? She's gorgeous!!

  2. Oops didn't mean to hit publish there -

    Have a super safe and fun trip!!