Monday, May 11, 2015

Prayers Please

for those of you not on facebook, my dear friend J--a waitress at the diner I go to every morning, had a massive stroke on Friday, She is in a coma in critical condition, and has several more surgeries in the near future.  She has no range of motion on her left side.  I am so worried about her and my heart aches for her.  The family has requested no visitors at this time so I can only pray for God's will in making all of this as painless as possible for her and her family. 

Mother's Day was quiet, just Tom and I, he cooked and awesome dinner, we divided our time between the outdoors and watching Rickie Fowler win the players. I did speak with each of the children and Maisie who now knows who GIGI is and can even say GIGI although she hasn't quite connected it that I can be called GIGI.  Tom and I wish we could have a live video feed of her every day because she is just that cute. 

I had a very floral Mother's Day and below are some pictures of my gifts, from Debb, Tom, A Friend, and Jeanne---hope your weekend was pleasant. 


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