Tuesday, May 12, 2015


no reports of any progress for J, she is still critical and still in a coma.  I worry about her all day and all night. 

Today's Meme is 10 things you are procrastinating---I am a Libra, it is my nature to procrastinate, I always did.  In school I would wait to the last minute and I was a straight A student, any deadline I ever have I have always waited to the last minute but it does get done.  So right now my list is going to be about knitting projects I have procrastinated on (there will not be 10 ---I don't think)

  1. Morticia, a lovely beaded lace weight shawl by Boo, that I started last August, got to the first lace section in record time and then just stopped knitting it.  I do want to give this to my sister in law so I have to get to it soon.
  2. Table runner---I started immediately after my Christmas illness with cotton yarn Debb gave me for a gift.  It was great car knitting, but I haven't picked it up since January.
  3. Miranda---another car knitting project I started  in March, I worked on it once to Poughkeepsie, and then once when I met Ria for lunch and it has languished since then.  It has not seen the light of day since March
  4. Noro Circle Shawl---I also started this in march before I wound up in the hospital, I think even before I started Miranda. It too is a wonderful lace weight shawl and I am using the fantastic wooden spool yarn holder that Ria gave me Christmas but I haven't touched it in 7 weeks. I am easily led astray. 
  5. Presents---I have a gift idea I want to make for my sister Christine and for Ria ----I have all of the things needed and yet I have not started. 
I am happily alternating between three projects right now, a Boo mystery shawl, I have completed 2 clues, clue 3 came out yesterday but i have not started it yet, I am also knitting another KAL Berocco's Cecelia Blanket in a bulky Berocco Inca Tweed, I love it, started it Saturday and have not put it down since. (But I will today)  and a shawl of my own design, it is my cable project for April, while it wasn't finished in April it will count, and for May Ria sent me  a lovely cable fingerless mitt  pattern featuring hearts, and I bought a pretty berry colored Berocco Vintage Dk for it.  She also sent a link today to a great cardigan which we may do as a Mini KAL  that would maybe take us through a couple of months. 

Tom finally blocked Boo's Changeling  so I will share a couple of pictures here and tomorrow's post will be about something other then knitting---MAYBE!!!


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  1. The changeling looks even more amazing in person! Wish there was a better way to photograph beads.