Tuesday, May 5, 2015

monday and tuesday

wow did yesterday get away from me, huge----Tom woke me up with a phone call, he couldn't do his job as the lady of the house was not ready, so he came home, we had breakfast, hung outside for a while, came in watched my stories and then he went to wal-mart and food town, came home not feeling up to par and wound up spending 5 hours at ST. Clares ER.  he did not let me go with him and it was  such a zoo that it sounded like a good thing I didn't, he wound up in a consultation room with a gurney 2 chairs and a desk, no tv no call button nothing, so now he dances with Mr. Foley for 3 or 4 days.  This is the darn medicaid doctors fault.  he was supposed to renew his meds last week and did not, Tom wound up without them for 4 days and now this.  We are quite upset about it. 

Sunday we went to Poughkeepsie, we had a wonderful afternoon, great weather and no traffic.  I will let the photo's speak for them self   

Today's meme is 10 favorite Mexican foods----not sure I have 10 but will try

  1. shrimp tacos
  2. fish tacos
  3. beef tacos but I never get these (tom doesn't like them) 
  4. beef taco salad (same as #3)
  5. seafood enchiladas
  6. sweet corn casserole
  7. guacamole (once before I became a convert I sent nachos back because they were covered in this---boy I have changed)
  8. Mild salsa---I am a wimp, I don't care for hot and spicy 
  9. Chicken Fajitas which we will probably have tonight
  10. Cerveza and Tequila, not together but I guess I did come up with 10!!

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