Wednesday, June 3, 2015

we are Back

The trip for ME was a mixed bag of emotions, the ride down was good, timely, no problems at all----we made it in great time to attend the graduation which was very crowded and hot but we are very proud of our eldest grangirl.  She graduated 9th in her class, the vice president of her class and received over $20,000 in scholarships, several honors cords and the gold sash.She loves getting cards in the mail   Her address is 
Columbia Nave
17656 Coffman Road
Elkmont AL 35620
   She is going to Mountbelo college in Southern Alabama about 3 hours away.. We met the extended family including Columbia's mom's parents, sister and brother in law and her (Carrie--the mom) best friend, Sara--her husband Mike and their children, we also met Columbia (here to known as Bean) 's boyfriend Dalton, his mom Melinda, and his sister Katelyn who was the cutest 15 year old ever, She thought Tom was the coolest guy at the graduation before she even realized he was related to Bean. (Mostly because of the tattoos).  Columbia's Mom Carrie died in an auto accident 6 years ago, Columbia was badly injured and was only 12 at the time.  Chad was also hurt but rallied to take care of his darling girl. 
That was all on Friday and then Saturday we got a late start (courtesy of Bean) but we went to breakfast (Cracker Barrel for the 4th time at that point) and then the Gardens---which were beautiful, they had a wheelchair at the gardens for me to use and it was a god send, although Tom probably didn't think so having to push it. They had a huge lego display going on too and it was just a great way to spend 3 1/2 hours. IT had poured on the way there, then sprinkled a bit as we walked around, and the poured again later in the evening. Tom had a very bad night that night and we were afraid we were going to get acquainted with Athens Hospital but it passed and I think it was more sugar related then BPH related. Sunday we truly did not do a thing except go out to breakfast ( yes CB) and then they did all their shopping and we just hung out.   We said good bye about 9 and headed back to the Best Western, we left at 5:30 Monday and did pretty well until about 4 PM when we hit the most torrential rains we have ever driven through, we had the flashers on and were in 4 wheel drive. IT poured like that long after we checked into the hotel and it poured all the way home on Tuesday not letting up until we got into NJ---the normally 4 hour part of the trip took 6 1/2.  We have been virtually exhausted. 

I have not downloaded photo's but I do have this one that has been on Facebook.  


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  1. why is her address CA???

    Congrats to her - and I'm so glad you made it down and back in one piece and had a good time!