Friday, June 12, 2015


I am sure after all the hype I have given it, my readers (the few I have) will think I have a huge pin cushion collection.(in my earlier years my girlfriends and I used to say when you have two of something you have a set, when you have three or more you have a collection)   I am almost embarrassed to admit that I only have 4 but I have lots and lots of pictures on my Pinterest page. I hope with time to grow my collection---I think they are cute, small, have distinct personalities, aren't breakable like the things I usually collect, and the ultimate dream is to replace our very sad coffee table with a display case coffee table and put my collection in there .  Here are the four I have, I made the hedgehog and my sister Christine made the other three. 

And now some pictures of ones I have been dreaming about for some time. I need to take a day and just knit a few more of them for myself. I just find them so darn cute!!!

Adorable! Right?



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