Tuesday, June 30, 2015

T on T

This week's topic is 10 things you like about your home.   While we live in an apartment and not a free standing house we do have some things we love about this style of living. 

  1. Maintenance----its all done by the complex, the refrigerator or AC unit goes, call them, the toilet leaks call them, they mow the grass, they shovel the snow but not timely enough for us, so Tom still finds himself doing that. Dumpsters for trash, no taking cans to the curb. 
  2. First Floor----we have forgone steps, and I am pleased.  I like being almost ground level (One step up) and easy access to sitting outside, grilling is easier etc.
  3. The lightness of the apartment, the living room gets sun almost all day and being downstairs it is not as hot as our other apartment was. 
  4. the acoustic's ----again because there is no stairway leading to dead space everything sounds better in here. 
  5. Recent renovations---this complex is about 45 years old, but out apartment has recently been renovated, so new windows, new kitchen counters and cabinets, new bathroom ---just wish they had updated the fridge, stove and dishwasher but when they go they will have to.
  6. Carpet----that Tom put in the living room and hall way, it is so soft, I love it, the carpet in the dining room is pretty, and the one in the bedroom works! 
  7. New furniture---new home, new loveseats and recliner courtesy of a phenomenal sale at Raymour and Flanagan, got all 3 pieces for less then 700 dollars from their clearance department. 

  8. Bright fixings, since the furniture and carpet is brown we have bright toss pillows, Tom's bright paintings, a bright cushion on the rocker, and lots of other bright accessories. 
  9. The closet situation is similar to the other apartment only a linen closet, a bed room closet and a closet under the stairs going up. They do seem a little bigger which is good since we gave up the attic.
  10. The rent had not gone up in 5 years.  It is going up this year but only 20$.  Of course if Tom gets bitten by the moving south bug again who knows if we will renew the lease, but for right now it is home! 


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