Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Knitting on Wednesday : It is all about Boo!

Believe me I don't know how I guilted Tom into blocking for me this past weekend but he did block two of my completed Boo Shawls----that still leaves 9 shawls to be blocked, but its a start.  My dining room table is very tiny ---it only seats two and doesn't have enough stability for me to put enough foam blocks on it for me to do it myself and the bed is just way to awkward.  MY knees do not bend and my legs cramp badly if I have to get on the floor so I am at his mercy. 

But here are my lovelies for this week. 

The black Morticia is made from Rowan fine lace with purple beads, I made it for Tom's sister Gail who will be 60 this year. 

and the Red one--Temptress, doesn't have a home yet, maybe it will stay here---It is made from Posh Delilah Lace--color name  ITS A RED LIPSTICK DAY  and assorted size 6 and 8 red beads. 

Currently on the needles, is the Noro Circular Shawl which is becoming quite large, The Through The Loops Mystery Shawl and New Beginnings for the Boo Moon KAL.  It is turning out to be a very shawly summer. 


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  1. soooo....does your shawl spokes model get paid extra? It just cracks me up every time!