Friday, July 31, 2015


Its been a rough week and rather then complain about all my woes in every post I am going to put them all into this post and ask for prayers, vodka and chocolate in that order.

  1. Poor son Robert is having a rough year, while most of his story I am not at liberty to discuss I can tell you that he was in a serious car accident Tuesday evening, I thank God his injuries are minor but painful all the same, and that  none of the children were with him and that they were able to get his camera equipment out of the car before the fire started.  He has no collision or rental and it will be a while before the insurance settles, it was the other guys fault, and so he is borrowing my car for the meantime.   I miss going out to breakfast but I really don't mind being housebound and it is the least I can do. 
  2. I am coughing again, it has kept me up three nights, this scares me----its the third bout with serious coughing this year.  Dr. thinks it is allergies but I sit in an air conditioned apartment all day, I don't know anymore and I am so tired. Mucinex, Nasocort and my asthma inhaler have become my steady companions
  3. STOMPERELLA----My upstairs neighbor, I think she is nocturnal, all night long it is pacing back and forth, back and forth, she drives me  crazy, unless she drops something (which she does quite often) Tom never hears her, the joy of being partially deaf.  I am up more then half the night, I don't go back and forth, back and forth.  She has never gotten carpet and I guess she never will, we have complained to management but they don't care, nobody cares!  She also wears wedge heels, did I mention that???
  4. My Moody Angry Husband----he left me this morning with the shot  That I am getting harder and harder to take care of, I wish he would look in a mirror.  He hates his job, he strongly dislikes his helper who takes constant advantage of him, he hates his commute, he hates that we can't buy a Toyota Tacoma or a Jeep, he says they mock him every time he passes one on the road and somehow I can't help but feel he hates taking care of me.  He has to do so much around here, I would if I could but its just not possible. 
  5. Which brings me to my last little rant---PAIN, it is exponentially at the worst level ever, I hurt everywhere all the time.  Since I had the heart attack they took me off Meloxicam---it never felt like it did much until you don't take it.  I also can't have aspirin, NSAIDs of any kind and can only have Tylenol.   Tylenol does absolutely nothing so why bother with it at all. I have such deep waves of pain through my joints, ankles, knees shoulders, hips and wrists. Then there is the overall widespread achiness that fills in everything else.  In my dreams I am still vibrant and active and it is so sad to wake up and realize its just that, a dream. I have thought about alcohol but I am the child of alcoholics who for all I know may have been using their addiction to mask their own pain so I can't bring myself to do it but I would love to escape this pain for a while. 
So that is more then enough complaining from me, I will try to remember to counter balance this post with one about positive things next week.  If you stayed all the way through, thank you----I get lonely, my blog and my brunches with Ria are my chance to escape and say what is on my mind. 



  1. You are always in my prayers Grace! I pray for relief from your pain and peace in your life. On the frivolous side I am hoping that the lady upstairs will learn how to levitate!