Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday is for Knitting

 This is Boo's New Beginnings, done for the Boo Moon in July KAL in Knit Picks Palettes in Blues, of course it is unblocked but will be even lovelier then
 This is a scrap baby hat I made playing with lots of colors, way to much weaving in but it was fun and is my first charity hat for July
Another KAL this was Through the Loops Mystery KAL done over a 6 week time period, I joined on week 4 and caught up quickly but I have to admit I read clue 6 which had a knitted on edging, I just finished a knitted on edging on the round baby blanket, and I have miles of knitted on edging coming up soon on the Noro circular shawl so with  my ever present desire(need) to change things up I did a crocheted shell border which will come out in the blocking.  I am happy with it, I am not entering it for the prizes Kirsten gives so I don't think it will matter that much.  I wish I could tell you the yarn but it was a gift without a tag, and the multicolor on the edging is Opal Sock that matched almost identically, but with different textures. 

so now my needles are full with over 600 stitches on the Noro shawl and I have 5 rows to go before starting the border, which will take another 1200 (albeit much shorter) rows to complete. Hence the baby hats in between and I think Maisie needs a giraffe and a fox, right Ria???


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