Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

Today's 10 on Tuesday is supposed to be about American Artists, I am willing to admit I am not truly artistically savvy and other then Charles Wysocki and Thomas Kinkade there are few I really really like, so I am making my own Ten---and that is Knitting Designers I knit over and over again! 

  1. Boo Knits---her lovely shawls speak for themselves, you feel such pride and accomplishment when you finish one. Her patterns are written beautifully, both words and charts and so easy to follow, when you finish one you sit there and say   DID I DO THAT?
  2. Rebecca Danger---her take on children's toys and monsters intrigues me. I have knit her entire Big Book of Monsters and Most of her other patterns too, Children all over the country have toys I have made from her patterns. 
  3. Kirsten Kapur----I like her shawl patterns a lot and love to take part in the Summer Mystery every year. 
  4. Helen Bingham---she too is a shawl designer and likes mystery kal's, I have made most of her shawls too! 
  5. Cecily Bostwick Hope---she publishes patterns in Taproot magazine, and her work is perfect for me
  6. Laura Aylor,  I like her projects too--usually more substantial then the lacy shawls but a very nice change of pace
  7. Ruth Kindla--- I have not made any of her patterns yet, but they are wonderfully colorful and I have lots queued to make
  8. Kay Meadors----we met through a competition held by Little Knits many years ago and then she designed a fantastic Breast Cancer Awareness shawl that had a section knit by one knitter from each state, I was NJ's representative and it was such a wonderful project to take part in.
  9. Alan Dart---another very clever toy designer who brought us gnomes and many many other adorable detailed toys. 
  10. Nora Gaughn---this lady has a knack for bringing the 21st century into her projects, I have not knit a lot of her items, a couple of shawls, a hat and a scarf but I do enjoy her projects. 
who do you like to knit?   KNIT ON! 

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  1. Alan Dart should be higher than 9... just saying...