Friday, July 10, 2015

Breakfast on Friday

I wasn't feeling well this morning, but I knew Mary Ellen (waitress at the Diner) is going to see Jen (my friend who is ill) this afternoon at the rehab center and I wanted her to take a shawl I had made for Jen, so I went to breakfast. 
There is a woman there that no one really cares for, and she wanted me to teach her to knit.  She is such a negative person with many problems that I just don't care to do that and I managed to avoid it for a long time, this year I told her it was a passing whimsy and I just don't do it anymore so she has dropped it.   I was concerned she maybe there this morning so I was very careful about wrapping the shawl up, but she had already been and was gone for the weekend.
As I was having breakfast a couple probably around my age came in,  this woman was not local, she just wore sunshine all around her.  She was a large woman wearing very comfy roomy white pants, red flip flops, a gauzy multicolored blouse, she had short cropped pure white hair and red glasses and she carried an Anuschka bag.
She exuded happiness and confidence.  It turns out the fella she was with is her brother and he is a local, she is visiting family members via train across the US and lives in California.
During breakfast I got one of those darned aggravating and extremely painful muscle cramps in my abdomen that goes straight through to my back.  I could not get comfortable, jumping up and trying to walk it out,  They were concerned enough to question me about it and we got talking. Their engaging me in conversation helped take my mind off the pain and I was finally able to go back to my breakfast.  He even offered to google my discomfort to find alternatives as to what to do but I told him I have done it to death  with no luck. 
 She was telling me that several years ago she could not walk, arthritis and other problems kept her stumbling through life and she started water therapy joining gyms and the local Y to give her access to pools and says its been a blessing to her.  She now travels alone and can go anywhere and everywhere but still finds the money to continue her aquatic exercise. I wonder if I can start a Kickstarter of Go Fund Me page just for gym dues.  But I probably still would not go because I would not want to go alone. 
 They made my day and I wish I could be just like Her when I grow up.


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