Monday, August 3, 2015


we did very little and I never think to photograph the few things we do,  

Friday night Tom made french toast and sausages and we watched The 5th element for the 555th time.
Saturday I waddled my way to his van, hoisted myself in with the help of the running board and the "oh Sh*t " handle and we went to breakfast.  That was enough physical activity for me, climbing in and out twice so I kind of just sat and knitted away the day, with occasional computer breaks.  Tom spent most of the day napping or cooking, he made a delicious earl grey plum cobbler, a barbecued pork meatloaf and fresh corn off the cob.  It was the BEST meatloaf I have ever had.  We spend Saturday evening watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. 
Sunday dawned to early with a trip for Tom to the laundromat, and then the breakfast trip was repeated.  A phone call from Rob said that he would need the car only a couple more days but whatever it takes is fine with me. Debb called too, we hadn't spoken to her in awhile so it was nice to catch up.  Tom picked up some yarn at Michael's for the borders of the blanket I am making him (all out of scraps but not enough acrylic in any color but pink for a border) and some prescriptions at the drug store.  We settled in to an afternoon of Golf---Congrats Troy Merritt on your first win in 136 starts, and then the Matrix for the 777th time. Yesterday's culinary feat, was sausage that came out so badly it never made it to the table, and roasted spinach gnocchi that were absolutely delicious.  And very easy.  I love spinach and any time I can get Tom to eat it I am thrilled.  Of course I continued knitting taking a break over the BEST meatloaf sandwich ever to color on National Coloring Day,  Tom hung some rods in the kitchen to hang utensils off of, he did a great job with it. 

SO nothing earth shattering but I still wrote home about it!!! 


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  1. Sounds like a nice peaceful weekend at least... I had to go to work to recover from mine!