Monday, August 17, 2015

In words

Watching...the days of summer go by way to fast, don't want to see snow except on Christmas Eve. 

Reading... a few books by Lori Wilde, Hope Ramsey and Betty Hechtman
Knitting...too many things, I have 4 shawls on the needles, a pair of mitts, and charity baby hats 
Listening to...the sounds of the air conditioner, I may love the summer but only if it air conditioned 
Drinking...homemade iced tea and lots of water produce. lots of fresh picked tomatoes, corn from a local stand, and lots of fruit . cut my hair soon for Locks of Love and then dying it some bright, off the wall color
Itching away on a vacation but that is not going to happen knitting, there are always piles of it everywhere 
Delighted by...seeing the pictures by son posted of the sussex county fair  .
Celebrating...Jason Day winning the PGA his first ever major, Jordan Speith being #1 in the PGA, and Tom blocking two more shawls for me! 


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