Tuesday, August 18, 2015

ten on Tuesday

Ten ways to stay cool during the heat wave:

  1. Dress minimally, I don't own shorts but I own lounge clothes so that is what I wear, they keep me cooler.
  2. Don't turn off the AC, it uses a lot more energy trying to get a warm room cool then keeping a cool room cool.  I don't think its been off since June 2nd when we got back from Alabama
  3. Tie my hair on top of my head.  My hair is down past my butt at this point, it is hot, it is heavy it is flyaway. I want to cut it BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> so I keep it secured up on my head unless I am going out then I use a kerchief. 
  4. Drink cold liquids, I still have a hot cup of rooibos every night but during the day it is water or unsweetened iced tea. 
  5. Eat cooling foods, a lot of people include hot peppers in this (they make you sweat, sweat cools you) but I truly don't like them.  I just can not embrace the spicier the better craze that is sweeping this nation and the food scene. It adds no enjoyment to food for me at all.  We eat a lot of salads, and sandwiches with this weather. 
  6. Keep the blinds down, I would love to let the sun in, but let the sun in let the heat in, I remember the days of awnings and wish places still used them regularly, then I could see outside once in while
  7. Avoid being outdoors for long periods of time.  Since my son has my car I only leave if Tom is home but his van is not air conditioned so even that isn't always a great plan,
  8. Eat ice cream.  I do have to admit our ice cream consumption is up a bit this year  we like plain old Breyer's all natural vanilla with fruit 
  9. Save big out door projects for autumn, no sense getting dehydrated when the project can wait. 
  10. Remember to offer people coming and going water and cooling clothes if needed.  A cool wash cloth on the neck goes a long way to making someone comfortable. 

How do you stay cool?


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  1. I hate the summer.. I would give up fresh picked veggies in a heartbeat for an ice age