Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

TV Dads---that is today's topic!!! Some of these others may not agree with but I am thinking of them in merit of their entertainment abilities not their real life persona's or peccadillo's!

  1. Tom Bradford----8 is enough, loved that show loved Dick Van Patten may he rest in peace 
  2. John Walton----looked so much like my own dad, easy to see him as a dad figure
  3. John Abbot, Sr.---from the Young and the Restless, he was great, he still shows up as a ghost and I love it when he does
  4. Alan Eppes---from the TV show Numbers----so wise
  5. Dan Connors-
    --Roseanne, he and Rosie's mimicked Tom and I on more then one occasion
  6. Russell Huxtable---The Cosby Show, a wise grandpa with  sense of humor
  7. Mr. Mitchell----Dennis's father, he knew how to love that little menace
  8. Steve Douglas---my Three Sons (at a time) he actually had 4, loved that show! 
  9. Charles Ingalls---another one who looked like a younger version of my dad, he was great 
  10. Martin Lane----raising not one but two identical cousins on The Patty Duke Show

I am dating myself with this list but there was some good TV here, I could also mention Ben Cartwright, James Evans, Tony Soprano (yes--he was a good dad) and Ozzie Nelson, just to add a few more!!!


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