Friday, June 19, 2015



taking some time to discover what I want to challenge myself with next knit wise  I finished two beaded knit Boo shawls this week and will participate in the next two monthly knit alongs, I have a blanket for Tom started, and another circular shawl that is hibernating---so do I want to continue with them or do I want to cast on new.  Kirsten Kapur's TLL mystery is softly calling to me. 

taking myself to the limit physically for me.  I find I just cannot walk everyday at the meditation labyrinth, it is just too much, the pain causes anxiety attacks which scare the hell out me, I truly thought my heart attack was a panic attack so how do I know the difference

enjoying summer!  even though the weather can't decide between rain and oppressive humidity, I still don't have watch Tom shovel it, or complain about how he can't do his job because no one cleans their walkways and driveways so he can cut carpet,  I will take summer any day. 

gearing up for visits with my son and hopefully next week with Ria and then with Maisie and her Mom and Dad. I think I have a day trip with sister Christine coming soon too, if she can fit it into her schedule now that school is out in her district. 

-focusing on the power of prayer  even though Tom's work thank God has picked up and he is steadily busy, he is having age related problems doing his job, I need to pray constantly for his good health because medical debt will keep him working for a very long time, and of course I throw in a selfish little prayer for a decent size lottery win.  Tom always has said if we win big he would save someone the agony of loosing their house to bankruptcy (something we know first hand) and I KNOW someone very dear to me who is going through this right now, with three small children and no place to go.  God I would love to help them  and make life a little easier for my Tom. 

searching for  new none medical ways for dealing with anxiety and depression, for making sense of a very trouble world, for words of encouragement for friends and family faced with difficult times and answers to why my friend Jenn is still suffering the ravages of her aneurysm, and has to spend time in a coma, its been 5 weeks and there has been no change in her condition although they did move her to rehab. 

-hoping you all have a happy and safe weekend.   KNIT ON!!! 

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