Friday, June 26, 2015

Boonton's Dog Daze of Summer

When I was nine we moved to Lincoln Park, NJ   For about 4 years I grew up there not even knowing there was a Boonton, NJ but by the time I was in 8th grade  I pretty much knew about it, that's where LP kids went to High School.  Up until that point I can't remember ever being there before, built on hill, with RT 287 being constructing cutting the flat parts off from the hilly parts, the Fireman's Home is located there and I spent a lot of time there.  School itself was a must do, but I learned to drive there, I hung out with friends from there, I went to track matches there to watch my crush at the time, and I went Christmas Caroling there, that night was magical, it snowed and we all went door to door, it was just a great experience.  My girlfriend Joanne's sister worked in the school/work program and she was at Tredway's (a shipping company long gone on Myrtle Ave) and Joanne and I would stay after school just so we could hang out in her really cool fast back Mustang and wait for her to drive us home.  The absolute best pizza ever to be had was at Narcisses just a few doors away, my dad, Tom, my brother and I would go there after my brother's wrestling matches and order onion pie,  To this day nothing rivals it.  I moved away when I got married and never really gave Boonton much of a thought after that.   Then my sister Barbara got married and she and the first hubby lived there, then she and the second hubby lived there, my youngest sister also lived there so we would be in and out of Boonton.   My parents eventually rented an apartment there, so tiny you can fit it in half of mine, and sadly they died there too, and are buried in Boonton.  Thirteen years ago, Tom and I downsized, and moved to Lake Hiawatha which is also a town or two away from Boonton.  Since the early days there is now a Wal-Mart, and a branch of the same bank I went to in Sussex County and my brother lives on the outskirts, Boonton Township. When we drive home from the hospital and sometimes the diner we drive through Mountain Lakes, Boonton Township and Boonton,we drive down the Main Street, a steep narrow winding hill 
abundantly filled with shops, galleries, eclectic restaurants and everyday needs like the old library and  post office.  For the last 3 years in the beginning of June they have decorated the outsides of these with painted fiber glass dogs.  What I wouldn't give to be able to walk up and down and see them. They are just awesome.Originally started by a theraputic private school they are now  Boonton Arts oriented and gone from 30 dogs to probably about one hundred.  They are on display for 3 months and then auctioned in October.  Some are mounted outside and some are in shop windows,  They are colorful and some times thematic and make me smile when ever I go by.   They really do make me smile. 


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