Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

today's topic is 10 things we want to do this summer.  I will try to come up with ten, I will try to make some of them something other then knitting but you can be assured most will be knitting related. 

  1. Visit with my sister Christine,
     I have not seen her in months and months, and I miss her. The last time we went Tom wound up in the hospital with his BPH problems and I think sub-consciously that is scaring him off, but a nice quiet afternoon on her deck, talking and drinking iced tea sounds like heaven to me
  2. Visit with Maisie as much as we can----she is growing so fast and it is already 3 weeks since the last time we saw her, I am always so afraid she will forget who we are---Today is her mommy Jeanne's  birthday. I know where I was 34 years ago today!
  3. eat lobster----I told Tom the other night that a life long dream is to eat so much lobster at one sitting that I have to leave some for leftovers.  I love lobster and I have never had my fill of it, I have always been left wanting more. (It is one of my 5 favorite foods of all time)
  4. Continue walking, it is going very slow and always with the walker, I hurt really bad and hope everyone is right that it will go away eventually but I don't know
  5. Knit the Blue Moon KAL with Boo Knits in July, and the Peacock Gradient KAL in August with Gradient forum on Ravelry. 
  6. Finish the two other Boo's and the Noro Circular Shawl I have going, For when I just can't look at lace any longer I am working on a mitered squares blanket that Tom has claimed as own with scraps of every which yarn I have,  Each square is started in white. 
  7. Try to find out about renting a wheel chair and visit a couple of gardens and zoo's for day trips this summer, it worked so well in Alabama I would like to do it again. 

  8. Keep up with my morning reading---most of my fictional knitting authors have new books debuting in the summer months, so hopefully I will have plenty to keep me going.  Right now I am reading Black Sheep Mystery #7 by Anne Canadeo---The Postman Always Purls Twice. 
  9. Have an ice cream soda --  I have been craving a chocolate ice cream soda for days.
    Maybe when Tom calls to say he is on his way home I will have him get the ingredients. 
  10. Watch Under The Dome---it is my Stephen King guilty pleasure.  I have never ever read any of his books but there are some of his shows and movies I really enjoy and this is one of them  Season 3 starts June 25th, of course its only a couple of weeks since the dome landed, yet the characters in real life have aged 3 years already, I always find that interesting. 
Any plans for you this summer?????



  1. Interesting list... I don't know if there is a food I want to eat that much of.. even my fav's, would rather not see my sister, don't know how much I'll knit 10 min at a time...

  2. No real plans this year....just taking it as it comes. Hopefully I'll be on a salmon boat Friday morning. Weather/waves permitting. :) My boat is finally in good condition for small lake fishing....my boat is tiny and tin.....uh and cheap. lol

    Have Tom check around to the second hand and thrift shops, Grace. I'm an avid Goodwill shopper and see walkers, wheelchairs often. And fairly inexpensive. Even Craigslist...I purchased a walker for my dad last year after he fell and broke his hip for just a few dollars. (he wanted one for inside and on for outside so as not to track mud into the house --and he's know only using a cane outside)

    And I'll have a 1-1/2 pound order or crab legs please. :) I never get them.

    Glad you're up and about.....and a chocolate soda would really help with those aches and pains (or that's my story and I'm stickin to it!)