Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wednesday's Knitting Update

i finished two Boo Shawlettes last week, I thought I was making shawls but both turned out more like scarves----operator error or just because they sit unblocked.  Master Blocker is behind 9 shawls right now, I have to figure out a way to do this myself but the only large flat area is the floor and I can not get up and down off the floor without a lot, and I mean a lot of difficulty. 

Here are some shots of Temptress in Posh Audrey--Red,  Its a Red Lipstick Day, and Morticia in Rowan Fine Lace Black. 

I started Kristen Kapur's Mystery Knit A long a half pi shawl, I started it Sunday afternoon and have done the first 3 clues in the first 3 days.  I will work on clue 4 the next few days and be caught up bu Monday when Clue 5 arrives. 

I ordered from Jimmy Beans some Freia Handpaint Lace in Vertigo
for the Strutting Peacock Knit Along, but it starts out in lovely peacock colors but the skein I got is the reverse of this so its lots of brown  So today I ordered an additional cake of that yarn in Maple
and will do some piecing ---not really any different then if I used individual colors all along.  I am going to make Lankakermo's Panache with this yarn.   For the Boo Moon Shawl I went into stash and got some gradient shades of Blue Palette and I will be doing New Beginnings, this one will probably be without beads, I need a little break from the little time suckers! 

What do you want to knit this summer??  KNIT ON! 

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  1. Can you put your foam blocks on the dining room table to block the smaller ones??