Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Writhing Seething Anger

Don't they get that I am disabled???? I don't want to change apartments because I want a change in scenery----I can't do the stairs anymore, the pain is just excruciating but they still have us jumping through hoops. We have been here 12 years, made 144 on time cash payments for rent, even when it was a struggle and yet we have to re-apply from scratch, I just took all the info to the rental office and the girl says well we will let you know Monday or Tuesday---they are closed for the next 4 days for the Jewish holiday, I am literally going out of my mine, I asked for some assurance that this will go through and was told they can't gaurantee that. Our lease for this apartment is up Oct 31,st. We haven't resigned because they won't let us until we are approved or disapproved for the move. This place accepts Section 8 housing, it hasn't gotten that bad for us yet but how could we have messed up so badly that they will turn us down. If they do say no, I am going to have to live in my car.

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