Thursday, October 16, 2014

More Moving news

Update on our housing situation----when I was going to call the head office earlier yesterday  I could not find a number, so I called the rental office and asked for the number, I did not identify myself, they wanted to know why I needed it, and I said I had some Fair Housing Questions, HUD stuff to ask them about. They gave me the number and when I called I found out they only take calls between 11 and 1 and it was already 2----at 4 this afternoon the phone rang, I didn't know the number----It was the rental office and we were approved for the apartment. Again thank you Nichole Burke without your advice I would be waiting until Next week to know
Now I have to find a way to entice friends and family to help us move on November 1 and 2nd, between Tom's hospital visit and my immobility we truly can't do it our selves even if it just NEXT DOOR. that's right the apartment is downstairs and to our right that we are moving into---no trucks needed for this one!


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  1. What wonderful news! Glad to hear that things are starting to turn around for you and Tom. You might call your church to see if the youth group can assist you.