Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Ten on Tuesday:

this weeks topic is 10 things you would write in a Christmas letter if you were sending out a Christmas letter,

  1. we moved---a big event for sure, but finally no steps---yet ironically even more leg cramps now then before,
  2. our wonderful granddaughter Maisie came into our lives. She spreads sunshine and light everywhere and Tom and I are totally besotted,We are so grateful to Jeanne and John for this blessing. 
  3. Unfortuneately both of us have experienced a lot more health issues with Tom making 4 trips to the ER,  Thank god Medicaid kicked in this year or we'd be in huge trouble.
  4. Work has been a lot steadier
  5. the Van and the Car are paid off---that is huge
  6. we will be traveling for Christmas--a first for either one of us. 
  7.  Debb moved in with Chad and Columbia, and found a new job. 
  8. Rob's kids are growing like weeds---although I haven't seen them in almost a year. 
  9. Ria  and I still get together and knit as often as we can. 
  10. I was asked to be a part of an international charity involved with knitting baby items. 
so that is what I would have said for public view. 


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  1. (((Grace))) You okay? Hope you had a great Christmas, and Happy New Year to you and Tom!