Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy 12th Day of the New Year

I received a comment yesterday from Marilyn (Skipper) which made me realize not everyone who reads my blog also reads me on Facebook.  So for those of you who have wondered why I have not posted in almost a month----I have been sick, really sick.  As in almost met the maker sick with the flu---and I had a flu shot.   I got such a strange variation of the illness that my blood pressure dropped to super dangerous levels. I was too sick to move let alone actually leave the apartment to go to the doctors and he told me via phone to stay out of the hospital or I would just get sicker.  We were supposed to go to Alabama for Christmas ---that never happened.
Tom had an entire week off taking care of a sick old woman, he literally had to help me walk to the bathroom and back which was the only outing I was allowed.  I spent two solid weeks in bed and the last week on the recliner.  Of course Tom went back to work right after Christmas so I did venture as far as the kitchen once in awhile.
There are many worst parts about being so sick over the holidays but one of the top ten for me was I couldn't even knit.  Two entire weeks went by before I even picked up the knitting needles.  On the way down South back I was going to knit newborn hats for the local hospital.  My one little word for 2015 is charitable and I wanted to start by supporting the Stitches from the Heart group with my contribution of hats.  Since  I have been improving I have knitted six and I started my first shawl of 2015----its What the Water Gave Me  designed  by Caitlin French,
I am knitting it in a brown Elann merino and Lang Mille Colore in a brown/grey varigate.   My knitting has definitely slowed down though for the first time ever I don't feel compelled to rush.
Tom too managed to get the bug but in true flu fashion he was over and done with it in 4 days and they were during the time he was home.
We still have not seen any of our children for the holidays, I still have stacks of gaily wrapped presents everywhere. We will see Rob and his crew this Saturday at Maisie Ann's christening, so Jeannie and John will get there gifts too.  We mailed Debb, Chad and Columbia theirs on Saturday.
I will try to be back often, I think of topics all of the time but then actually sitting and posting is a whole different story.


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