Monday, January 19, 2015


The highlights of our big weekend were many; 
  • spending time with Debb---it was not a lot of time, we had not seen her since September of 2013, and considering this was our child we saw almost every day when she lived here by us, we really have missed her
  • seeing Jeannie Johnny and Maisie act as their own dynamic little unit, how Maisie's face lights up when she sees her parents. And of course being with them
  • Maisie being the star of the day, Her in her beautiful dresses (like J-Lo and others she had a wardrobe change), she barely napped but kept her sunny disposition and soaking up all the attention she could get. 
  • visiting with Rob's children, I love these kids so much, and I have not seen them in almost 13 months, the three older ones seem to handle it well, still full of love and unbridled affection and my favorite grandson (I only have the one ) can charm anyone any where but melts this grandmother's heart every time.
  • having my sister brother in law and nieces there, it was so nice to have someone rep the Schweer family. 
  • after a week of pure panic over my appearance it went well, my outfit was nice and I did receive several genuine compliments
  • Jeannie and Johns friends are so nice and so sweet to us, they are blessed in having a large network of support around them 
This photo----taken by Tony, says it all for me:

Knit On!!!


  1. You have a beautiful family and the compliments you received were right--you are lovely. I love the tunic you are wearing but my favorite is the coat you were wearing in pictures yesterday. It is gorgeous!!

  2. Lovely picture, and I'm glad you had a good time! :)