Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ten on Tuesday ---footwear

I am not an Imelda Marcos---I wouldn't know a Blahnik from a Choo.  I NEVER wear heels.  But I do suppose I own at least 10 pair of shoes.

  • Uggs---short black ones that are at least 8 years old,

  • Moon Boots----very padded, velcro, short and extremely safe in the snow
  • Dress Boots---the first pair I have bought in over 20 years, worn last week to the Christening

  • Ugg Dakota Slipper/Shoes---I wear these all winter, I had 5 pair I am down to 2, I love these 

  • Reebok Sneakers---hardly ever wear them but have them
  • black lace dress flats---for weddings and such
  • black flats---for funerals and such
  • Tom's knitted shoes---gift from my sister Christine, that I adore.

  • American eagle slippers---a knock off the UGG ones, but very soft and comfy
  • Dr. Sholl slide sandles---I don't like flip flops at all, can't stand the toe wedgy
Not to shabby for a gal who would rather go everywhere and do everything barefoot!!


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  1. Should I even??? off the top of my head I have at least 14 pairs of flip flops because I like to color coordinate, 17 pairs of converse - because colors, 2 pairs of work sneakers, 2 pairs of work boots, 3 pairs of gym sneakers, 3 pairs of running sneakers, 5 stillettos that I rarely wear, 6 cowboy boots, 3 knit shoes (no idea whose - I think one is Penny's) one pair of tall boots, one pair of short boots, christmas sneakers, one pair of Target's knock offs sort of like your Dakotas, 4 pairs of BOCs my new favorite don't feel like working at work shoes, a pair of I forget what kind of camo colored shoes... probably more... I love shoes!!! It's the one "female" thing besides my nails I have a weakness for!