Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to cope with winter!

still progressing on my shawl, was given a stocking stuffer gift of a couple  skeins of Lily's Sugar and Cream cotton and I have been trying to think what to do with it, I may look into a table runner for my coffee table, I just don't want to do dishcloths or baby bibs.
I am feeling a bit under the weather today, but have had a lot of stress the last 4 days,  Tom;s boss is being a jerk because he can't work this Saturday.
Saturday is Miss Maisie's big day, Debb is flying in Friday to actually meet her niece for the first time and Saturday is the christening which their will be too many people at.  I get very very nervous around people so my anxiety is full swing. I am basically a very insecure person.  My son and his family will be there which is wonderful since I have not seen any of my grandkids since Christmas last year,

I found out this weekend that my sister made the Christening Dress, I am sure it is absolutely lovely. My children's christening gown was made by my then best friend who is Debb's godmother, but Maisie is too big to fit in it. So now they will have their own tradition  Christine will not be at the event as she and her husband, daughter and son-in law are going to California that day.
The theme of today's meme is 10 ways to deal or cope with Winter.  Personally I think Winter gets a bad rap, I may be menopausal and all but I love the colder temps. I don't like the ice and snow but so far this year that has not been a big problem

  1. Lots of hot tea----I do enjoy about 3 cups a day, now they are huge cups holding about 18 ounces of water.  Right now my favorite is Harney & Son's Holiday Tea
  1. Reading----I have rediscovered my love for reading--and am enjoying new to me authors, I read for escapism, not to educate myself or feel literary  I almost always read some kind of romance maybe romance/mystery.  Some new authors I am enjoying are Hope Ramsey, Sheila Roberts, and Brenda Novak.
  1. Knitting----No matter what the season I love my knitting and occasional crochet projects. 
  1. Soup---love it, and would be happy to have it every day, this past weekend Tom made a vegetable chowder that was to die for. 
  1. My fur throw----oh its fake, and Tom just got it for me for Christmas but its cozy and indulgent.
  1. Browse my favorite shopping spots, whether its for books or yarn, I don't even have to buy I just love to look and dream
  1. Play my online games---Mahjong Trails and Solitaire Blitz 
  1. We are still unpacking boxes from the move so that will keep me busy this winter, I need to find some of my decorative items and my pictures of my family.  Also Tom got a new CD player  for Christmas from Debb and Chad and now we have to find the CDs we had packed away because we didn't have a player.
  1. Eat chocolate---a little piece every now and then, dark is my favorite, the kids sent me sno-caps and some ghiradelli for Christmas-yum
  1. Light Candles===Tom hates this one, but I love the scent of candles burning and sneak them in whenever I can. 
How do you cope with winter?
Knit ON!!!

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