Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Better Late then Never

Christmas is happening very late here at the Yaskovic home.  The last couple of days have seen the arrival of boxes filled with gifts from Debb, Chad, and Columbia.
Tom is the proud owner of a new CD system, socks, hats, a pocket tool, kitchen utensils and lots of candy.  I got some yarn, knitting needles, notions, cookies and candy, tea and an Alex and Ani bracelet.  We are very blessed.
Todays treasure is a gift box of Wolfermans breads and english muffins from my sister Christine,  I haven't had this in years although I did send some as gifts this year myself. 

Carole posted today about 3 hobbies, one that makes her money, one that is physical and one that is creative.  I have a bit of an overlap===knitting does occasionally make me money especially right around the holidays, and it is my true creative outlet  and the physical--I love to swim, I don't get nearly enough chances too but if the opportunity presented itself I would swim everyday and did when we had a pool.(well as long as the weather allowed)  We used to go to a local hotel just to swim in the winter but now it is inundated in children so we don't get the chance.
All the boxes are unpacked, things that have been missing for 2 1/2 months have no found new homes, and all the family photos are back.  Even my stuffed pal Clarence has returned. He did not appreciate being boxed all of that time.
Today was also my first trip to the diner alone, I did plan a few more stops but the diner was more then enough, so I will attempt the other chores tomorrow!!!


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