Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday Musings

My swift is broken, I guess it did not survive the move, the slats are cracked.  I have so many skeins of hanked yarn that I am going to have to invest in a new one. For now I will be using balled yarn until I can do so.

One of the blogs I follow has been dormant for 9 days----this is highly unusual and I truly hope everything is okay.

The Check Engine light on my car is lit.  This happened about 6 weeks ago but went out the next time I got gas, I hope that is all it is this time too---I took the car out and didn't notice any performance problems but am still concerned since we have a big trip Saturday for Maisie's baptism.

For Christmas I knit granddaughter Columbia a shrug, she is off to college in the fall and I thought it might be nice to have a little something to keep her shoulders warm while she is studying in her dorm room.  The box arrived yesterday and they had to call to find out how you put it on.  I had made one years ago for author Bertrice Small's daughter-in-law when she had a baby, and Bertrice herself contacted me with the same question
.  It's funny how it is something that knitters know but the receivers wind up bewildered by.  Columbia is a rather small girl so I sort of guessed on her foot size for some slippers I bought her, well turns out they are too small but she swears they will stretch and won't let me return them. Her birthday is later this month so I have to come up with another gift for her too, I did give her an Alex and Ani bracelet so maybe another one of them so that she can start layering them,

I went to bed uncharacteristically early last night, but I think I am still fighting the remnants of the flu--I wound up sleeping about 10 hours although Tom was up often and I wake up every time he does.  He is not a quiet person in the night!.


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