Thursday, January 29, 2015

What I am Knitting

Had a very nice breakfast with Ria this morning, I don't think I shared that last week we finally got together and shared Christmas gifts with each other.  She gave me some fabulous gifts, my favorite Harney & Son Tea---Holiday, a skein of pretty sock yarn called Summer in greens and yellows.  And a wooden cake yarn holder. You put your yarn on it and work from the outside  to the in, and it spins. I have wanted one for so long.

Right now i am knitting some little Valentine items. I made a heart garland, and I am making Valentine Heart Babies which are on Ravelry---they are adorable.  This is the Rav picture but will post mine soon.

I learned of my first baby this year, its a friends grand nephew and I have plans for a baby blanket, need to check stash for the yarn but I think I have what I want.

What are you knitting?


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  1. Always love breakfast! The 49ers throw you gave me is sort of hiding the couch currently! I love it!