Tuesday, January 20, 2015

ten on tuesday

Things that I am happy about:

  1. if you read the last few posts you know that my family makes me very happy. 
  2. reading blogs where people are happy and loved, loving and caring.
  3. looking at the new babies on Dr. Bob's page
  4. My daytime dramas!
  5. being able to knit again, and crochet, on the needles now, a runner for my coffee table with yarn from Debb and a  crochet shawl with yarn from Columbia
  6. Having breakfast with my friend Ria, its been weeks since we visited and we had a wonderful time, she gave me some wonderful Christmas gifts.
  7. finding new authors like Hope Ramsey and Sheila Roberts.
  8. Online shopping and good customer service, I ordered boxers for Tom on line and they shipped the wrong ones, he needed them this morning so one package had to get opened, but when I contacted them they told me that I can keep that package, and return the other and they are now including a package free with the correct ones. 
  9. Tea--nothing relaxes me more then a good cup of tea. I have many flavors and I love to experiment with combinations,  I don't drink a lot of tea----one pot of caffeine in the afternoon and one pot of decaf at night but it still is a simple pleasure, add a cookie and I am in heaven.
  10. Our lack of snow----which means I can get out, snow makes me housebound, Sunday's ice was terrible, we are due for some snow tomorrow but it will be later in the day and more of a nuisance then a measurable amount. 
What are you happy about???

And because every post needs a photo;  my beautiful granddaughter Gwen


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