Thursday, October 1, 2015


It came, it went I surrendered too it, some remembered, some forgot, but I was still blessed with lots of love and many many kind wishes.

I had breakfast with my boy---I am so honored that we could sit and talk for two whole hours, I truly love spending time with him and being his mom

I talked to my girls and had a video from Miss Maisie, if I can I will add it at the end here. Debb had sent a beautiful tea pot charm made from a vintage bead she got at a Huntsville, AL craft show, it is so pretty, I have to get photos of it.  They are great daughters and I am so proud of them and love them so much

 Tom went on a quest for a certain gift for me and found out he still couldn't afford it, he was a bit crushed and felt like he failed but I was not expecting it and was very happy with my flowers and my truffles.  He also made a phenomenal dinner of lobster, and salad and baked sweet potato with german chocolate cupcake for dessert.

Ria made a whole POST about me! Thank you so much dear friend

A group of my knitting pretend friends sent me a box of Cheryl's Autumn cookies, another friend sent a gift card to WEBS, I truly have no complaints

Anticipating this birthday was hard, but now it has come and hopefully many more will follow and they will be the icing on a very sweet cake!!!


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  1. OMG too precious!!

    What is a knitting pretend friend??