Tuesday, October 13, 2015

and today is

Today is No Bra Day---that has to be the single most stupid thing I have ever heard. Some young woman can go braless, but I know way to many who should never leave the house without a bra, yet everyday is Braless day to them!!! I think Mom would flip over in her grave if she knows about this one!!

the boy in the next  picture is Peyton---from the The Peyton Heart Project Today is his angelversary and I wanted to honor him, having been a victim of bullying as a child I truly support this program with everything I have No CHILD should EVER be bullied!
And lastly today is my sister Christine and her husband Scott's 31st wedding anniversary, I was in the wedding, Tom photographed it, It was a spectacular autumn day!!! 

Knit On

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  1. Since I don't want to have to lift the girls up to button my pants, they stay contained when I am out and about - but honestly after dinner, I lose the bra - BUT I don't go out!!

    He was such a cutie :'(

    Happy Anniversary to your sister!