Friday, October 9, 2015

and the winner is.....................................

Update on the shawl contest that I was running for ‪#‎PeytonHeartProject‬Today I picked the winner, and because of time differences etc just heard back from her now. We had a wonderful chat on the phone. A very lovely lady, truly charitable at heart, does not want a big fan fare about what she does for charity and wishes to remain semi-anonymous. I can tell you her name is Carla,she did not share where she lives, she crochets small hearts and disperses them everywhere she travels which she does a lot for her job. She even gives packages of them to family and friends to disperse while they travel, so her hearts could show up anywhere at any time. She is also involved in several other organizations that have to do with charities, and feels that" giving is the only way to be truly living"
In spirit with her charitable nature she has asked me to donate the purple shawl (the one that she chose) to Jill Kubin the founder of the PeytonHeart program. How nice is that. So tomorrow Jill I will be sending hats to Emily and will include the shawl with it.  Carla---thank you so much!
Thanks to all who have participated and I may do this again in the future, just remember that one little heart can make a huge difference in someone else's life.



  1. Thank you, Carla for your kindness and generosity in giving me the beautiful shawl that you won. What a sweet gesture. It means so much to me. --Jill