Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hello again

i do see some of you have found me, that is a wonderful thing---to have people who enjoy being in contact with you---i wish certain family members were more like that--but I digress.

Just got off the phone with DD who is one week post- op,  Her doctor has recommended HRT for her, and we were wondering if anyone had any experiences to share.  The only one I knew who ever took it is my sister Barbara ==she took it to prolong natural menopause because she was not happy with the hot flashes, night sweats, she still got periods being on it  but she died last year and I can't shake the feeling that it might have been a factor.  It being so soon after the surgery we also don't know how much of what DD is going through is lingering anesthesia or menopause beginning. 

I myself have gone through a naturally occurring menopause but have had symptoms for 20 years prior to it, one of my other sisters has gone through it naturally and has had zero symptoms ever, the last sister had a hysterectomy several years ago but I don't know if she is on HRT or not. 

DD's doctor was not overly concerned with my sister's history or my mothers just mine. (My mother had problems with blood clots).

No matter how old your children are you worry---and with her being so far away (although the others might as well be as far--i am digressing again) and hearing the concern in her voice I worry even more. 

On the knitting front--I finished a shawl Evening Shadows in Paton's Lace Mohair with sequins and a scarf Reverse Psychology in Wolle's Color changing Cotton(black brown, red)  and with amber  beads yesterday--hopefully they will be picture worthy soon. today I will work on Portico by Kirsten Kapur which I am knitting in SWTC optimum DK in purple.  I have Wendy Johnson's summer KAL on the needles, too---Dreambird, and getting ready to start CHOCK by Norah Gaughn in Berroco Ultra Alpaca.   'Tis the summer of the shawl!

Just a photo of what I hope my hair will some day be---isn't it beautiful, mine is mostly white on the sides, but the length is still very brown, it is about midway through my butt now, its a burden to take care of but Tom adores it so it stays!


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  1. I took HRT for nearly 10 years following my surgery, but decided that it wasn't worth the risk of breast cancer, so I asked my doctor if I could stop it. Given the choice of taking HRT again (following surgery) I would. Menopause after surgery is immediate and can be devastating - not like the natural way the body gradually builds up to the change. Good luck to your daughter with whatever she and her doctor decide.