Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

While I don't do this every week, I do when it's a topic I can relate too---and today it is about knitting--
TEN Patterns you can knit oVer and Over and Over again! 

Who wants to stop at 10?

  1. Any Rebecca Danger toy pattern---I love knitting them all!
  2. All In One Baby Top==I have enjoyed knitting this vest for little ones over and over
  3. 5 Hour baby Sweater---again instant gratification
  4. Alan Dart's Gnomes----I love these especially the little ones
  5. My own pattern for LovinComfort Shawl
  6. Non Felted Slippers
  7. Henry's Rabbit
  8. Corporate Whispers Scarf--which I have changed to a shawl, a blanket and a scarf many times
  9. Challenger hat---especially for charity
  10. Rambling Rows ---Blankets that use scraps and can be adapted to different sizes very easily.
and even though this is about knitting I love to use scraps making the 
 The Original half Granny Square/Shawl ---with my limited crochet abilities. 

WHen I first started knitting again in 2003 I didn't realize it would become such an all consuming passion but I love every moment I get to spend with my needles and yarn. 


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  1. What a great list of knitting projects. I love the photos of your projects. Nice job.