Tuesday, January 12, 2016

God bless David

Oh I must come out of retirement to share my tribute to David Bowie, who we lost to cancer Sunday, in a heart breaking, mind shattering surprise of a death. The Ten on Tuesday today is favorite songs, and my #1 Favorite song, brings to mind not only the The Thin White Duke but another dearly departed way to soon young man  Heath Ledger.

  1. Golden Years----used in the movie A Knight's Tale (2001) with Heath Ledger as William Thatcher impersonating a Knight and dancing with fair Jocelyn to the sounds of Golden Years.  One of my favorite all time movie scenes
  2. Little Drummer Boy with Bing Crosby---always one of my favorites
  3. Dancing in the Streets with Mick Jagger. just splendid
  4. Lets Dance 
  5. Young American's 
  6. Jean Genie
  7. Space Oddity 
  8. Under Pressure
  9. China Girl
  10. and everything else he ever did
Rest in Peace and sing to Heath so he can dance one more time the native dance of Gilderland...............

Knit ON!!!!

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  1. It always amazed me that the older he got the more handsome he became!