Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Meme

Today's Monday Meme: Two by Two

* What tempts you most ?  
Your local yarn shop sale or
An online sale?

definitely online, I don't get around well, so online shopping is my friend

* Which do you put off more?
Weaving in ends
or button placement?

weaving in ends

*Winter hats,
Pompom or no pompom? 

I suck at Pompoms so none!

*Electric blanket or down?

neither, have a faux fur throw that is perfect 

*Travel plans:
pay for the tour or discover on your own?


*2016 Vacation plans?
In the works or already bought the tickets?

don't know if we will be able to it this year

*Photographs: outdoors or indoors?


*Scarf or cowl?

scarf  hate anything around my neck, if it is a cowl it must be an infinity unlooped so it hangs scarf like 


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