Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dreambird takes flight

this shawl is Dreambird, my friend Ria and I both knit them--she belongs to a very challenging Ravelry forum that required she do a 3 month dissertation and she wanted company for the ride.  I complied, I started in greys and just hated it, then dove through my stash and came up with the multi color sock yarn, and some red lace yarn that I held doubled and liked the results better,  the shawl is for a very petite person so I only made 16 feathers, Ria made 17---some have made more then 25 feathers in their shawls. While I like garter stitch and I enjoy short rows I am not sure I would make this particular shawl again in a hurry.  Knitting the pattern as is can be problematic---Ria followed the line by line directions,, I did better with the chart and # schematic that came with it. Mine is the one on the multicolored mats, Ria's is on the bed.


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